The Shocking Consequences Of UK’s New Energy Bill

What Is The Future Of Log Burners In UK?

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The UK government’s rush to achieve net zero emissions could potentially lead to homeowners being arrested for having a log burner.

Bev Turner, a presenter on GB News, has shed light on the alarming implications for UK residents if Rishi Sunak’s recent Energy Bill gets the green light. The discussion took place on Britain’s Newsroom on GB News, featuring MP Andrew Bridgen and Jon Grant, a Senior Lecturer for Climate Change Resiliency and Sustainability.

The Legal Implications Of Log Burners In UK Homes

Turner questioned Bridgen, asking, ‘It’s not just whether you lie about the fact that you might have a log burner in your house, it’s the fact that you would have a log burner in your house and you could literally get a knock on the door from the police to say you’re not allowed to have that log burner, we’re arresting you.’ Bridgen responded, ‘That’s where this legislation could end up, and I can see a situation where people are served with notices saying you’ve got to improve the energy efficiency of your property and if you can’t, you won’t be able to live in it.’

The Financial Burden Of Net Zero Goals

Bridgen expanded on the economic consequences, stating that the UK is entering risky territory. He pointed out that the country accounts for just a little over one per cent of global emissions, yet is aggressively pursuing net-zero goals. He warned that this could saddle the nation with a debt burden estimated to be around £3 trillion.

Criticism Of Government’s Sustainability Policies

Jon Grant expressed strong disapproval of the government’s sustainability initiatives. He clarified that he doesn’t speak for the British government, which he described as failing miserably in the area of sustainable policies. Grant emphasized that the focus should be on meaningful investment in the future of the populace, rather than punitive measures. He argued for the benefits of making homes carbon-neutral, rather than penalizing people.

When questioned by Andrew Pierce about the impact on those who can’t afford boiler replacements, Grant stated, ‘Yeah, there needs to be support for them. You’re absolutely right, mate. You’re absolutely right. And the good news is that when we support them, we get the money back for supporting them. This isn’t just a cost. It often gets labelled a cost of zero carbon rather than an investment in the future.’

This revelation comes after the Prime Minister recently relaxed restrictions on new onshore wind farms in England. Last October, Rishi Sunak had vowed to maintain the ban on onshore wind farms.

The new legislation could potentially lead to homeowners facing imprisonment for violating the proposed rules, as part of the UK’s ongoing efforts to achieve net zero emissions.

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    • M

      07 September 2023 • 14:23

      Dark times for a country now in such a mess in so many areas that its hard to see a positive.
      One point that appears to be constantly overlooked is that any major change to society as is highlighted above should be mandatory for a referendum to allow all the people to have their say and not left to a few out of touch bureaucrats!

    • Stel

      08 September 2023 • 23:24

      If a referendum is needed to stop idiots using log fires and even have bonfires in the middle of a heatwave to burn a few cuttings when it’s now clear that the planet is choking sure to human actions then so be it

      • saa

        11 September 2023 • 18:35

        maybe you should stop reading if you are being radicalised by UN derived
        globalist agenda’s. The climate act is to take away citizens independence under the illusion of doing good for the environment while you preach their propaganda. They don’t buy beach front mansions to watch the proclaimed rising sea levels are they!

        Anything that makes the people under the globalist movement more reliant on their resources will be a part of the net zero agenda. Its a corporate take-over, hence why bill gates is buying thousands of acres of farmland while trying to crush independent farmers under the nitrogen cap and culling of their animals to meet their targets, the farmers are now scraping to meat ends meat allwhile the WEF puppet leaders are asking to buy their land.

        Stop reading articles and look at the sustainability goals 30/50. You are helping them achieve this with gullibility. Shame

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