Arrest in Castellon: The ‘Mataleon’ Murder Case

Castellon Murderer Arrested

Police arrest 'mataleon' murderer. Credit: PoliciaNacional/X

An elderly victim sadly died after being mugged by a robber using the ‘mataleon’ method.

A report published on Friday, September 8, by Policia Nacional, gave details of an incident in Castellon in which they arrested the alleged perpetrator. The suspect used the dangerous mataleon technique in a robbery that led to the death of a 76-year-old woman.

The tragic event unfolded in 2022 in Castellon. In a shop situated in the fishing district, the lifeless body of the elderly woman was found. The suspect, a local male resident, has been remanded in custody.

The Discovery Of The Crime

The investigation commenced in January 2022 when the victim’s son, alarmed by the lack of news from his mother, initiated a search. He eventually discovered her body in a low-level premises in the fishing district.

The initial inspection revealed missing valuables, hinting at robbery as a motive. The community was left in shock, with many residents expressing their grief and concern over the safety of their neighbourhood.

Unveiling The ‘Mataleon’ Method

Further police analysis and a series of tests led to a shocking conclusion: the homicide was executed using the ‘mataleon‘ technique. This perilous manoeuvre is typically employed to immobilise victims by cutting off their blood supply, facilitating robbery. The method is known for its lethal potential, often resulting in the death of the victim. The technique, which has its origins in martial arts, has raised concerns about its misuse in criminal activities.

The mataleon method is a swift manoeuvre where assailants catch their targets off-guard from the rear. By wrapping their forearm around the victim’s throat, they aim to cut off the blood flow to the brain, leading to unconsciousness. Once the victim is incapacitated, their possessions are taken, and the culprits quickly leave the scene.

Arrest And Collaboration In The Investigation

An intensive manhunt ensued, involving multiple inquiries to identify and locate the murderer. The breakthrough came with the assistance of the University of Santiago de Compostela in analysing biological remains. The suspect, residing in the same locality, was eventually apprehended and brought before the court, where he was remanded in prison.

The arrest brought some relief to the community, but the incident serves as a stark reminder of the evolving tactics of criminals. The police have urged the public to remain vigilant and report any suspicious activities to help prevent such tragic incidents in the future.

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