Meet Tommy, the Tallest Living Steer In The World

Tommy, the world's biggest steer

Moognificent. Tommy, the world's biggest steer. Credit: Guinness World Records

In the picturesque town of Cheshire, Massachusetts, resides an extraordinary bovine named Tommy, standing at an impressive height of 1.87 metres (six foot, one inch).

This 13-year-old steer has not only captured the hearts of his family but also the gained the Guinness World Records title of the tallest living steer, making him a true standout in the world of cattle.

Laurie with Tommy the steer
Laurie says her dad being short adds to the charm of the pair being together. Credit: Guinness World Records

Tommy’s colossal stature is not something you encounter every day, and his journey to becoming a towering giant was quite unexpected. “He just kept on growing and growing,” remarked Laurie Cuevas, daughter of Tommy’s owner, Fred Balawender.

Back in 2010, Tommy’s story took an interesting turn when Fred purchased him from a substantial dairy farm, sparing him from the uncertain fate of an auction. “Tommy was named after Tom Brady, who, at the time, was the quarterback for our beloved New England Patriots football team,” Laurie shared, shedding light on the steer’s name.

Laurie with Tommy the steer
“We are frequently asked how much he weighs but we can only guess,” said Laurie. Credit: Guinness World Records

Despite the playful banter that often arises about consuming a steer of Tommy’s size, Laurie is quick to clarify that he is far from livestock; he’s a cherished pet.

In fact, when the time comes, Tommy will be laid to rest on the farm that has been his home.

Beneath his imposing exterior, Tommy possesses a heartwarming gentleness that endears him to everyone he meets. Even with his massive horns, he exudes a calm and peaceful demeanour, a characteristic often associated with Brown Swiss cattle, known for their kind and docile disposition.

One factor contributing to Tommy’s tranquil nature is his status as a steer, a castrated bull, which generally results in a more amiable temperament. Bulls, when not neutered, can exhibit aggressive and unruly behaviour, making Tommy’s easygoing nature all the more sweet.

Tommy has a particular fondness for people, especially children, and will gently lower his head to allow them to reach out and pet him. His bond with Fred is unbreakable, as he always keeps a watchful eye on his owner whenever he’s in close proximity.

Maintaining his colossal frame is no small feat.

Tommy consumes a staggering daily diet that includes approximately 14kg of dry grain, over 34kg of hay, and an astonishing 160-200 litres of water. While he typically roams the lush pastures to graze on fresh, green grass, his recent foot ailment has restricted his movement.

“We have enlisted the expertise of hoof specialists and vets to address his sore foot, but healing issues with hooves can be a slow and arduous process, especially for a hefty animal like Tommy,” Laurie explained.

Amid his substantial dietary intake, Tommy harbours a sweet obsession with apples, never passing up an opportunity to indulge in the crisp, juicy fruit. Laurie amusingly shared, “My dad will go to the market and spend all his money on apples.”

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