Maggot Deluge Shocks Lancashire Locals

Maggot Rain Swamps Residents In Lancashire

Image of Blackpool Tower. Credit: Claudio Divizia/

An unusual occurrence this week saw some Lancashire residents claim that it had ‘rained maggots.’

Earlier this week, residents of Blackpool, Bispham, and Lytham St Annes were taken aback when maggots seemingly descended from the skies, causing alarm and confusion, according to Lancs Live.

Unexpected Visitors

Many locals took to online platforms to share their unsettling experiences with these fly larvae, typically associated with decaying substances. The unexpected appearance coincided with rain showers following a weekend heatwave.

Coral Bolton, a resident of South Shore, Blackpool, remarked, ‘I found some crawling up my back door and on the window even though my bin is nowhere near the back of the house.’ She was puzzled by their sudden presence, especially since they weren’t near her rubbish bin. To her relief, they had vanished by the next morning.

Maggots’ Favourite Conditions

These creatures flourish in warm conditions and damp environments, often found in household bins containing food waste. This is why it’s crucial to inspect and cleanse bins frequently. The recent rain, combined with the preceding heat, might have created an ideal habitat for them, making them more noticeable in gardens and other outdoor areas.

Jamie Louise Didlock of Fleetwood shared her own eerie encounter after an evening dog walk. ‘There were maggots crawling up the window doors. I started googling about why maggots would be there as my bins aren’t even close to my door. I checked near my bins and there were none. Really weird!’

Residents’ Reactions

Tracey-May Clarke from Bispham had a particularly unpleasant experience. ‘Our bin is full of them, although all our bin bags are tied up, there is poop bags in there, and discarded dog food. The smell of the bin is awful, never like that normally. So I’m presuming the moisture and then heat is making it a perfect breeding ground!’

It’s clear that the combination of heat and moisture created an environment conducive for maggots, leading to this bizarre phenomenon. Residents are advised to maintain cleanliness and monitor their surroundings to prevent a recurrence.

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