Do You Make THIS Common Mistake To Cool Down During A Heatwave?

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According to TikTok star and pharmacist, Alvaro Fernandez, taking a cold shower during a heatwave will only make you feel worse in the time that follows.

Spain – like many other European countries – have been experiencing sweltering temperatures this summer, as well as other adverse weather conditions such as high-speed winds and torrential downpours making it a summer much like no other, or at least for a very long time.

Many people try different methods to stay cool during heatwaves, with traditional methods such as fans, cold rinks and using bedsheets that are thinner and thus, have a much lower tog rating to ensure that sleeping becomes as easy as possible.

Key Mistake To Avoid In Heatwaves

However, with temperatures getting upwards of 44 degrees Celsius on certain days and in many regions of Spain, methods such as the ones listed above are going to do very little to cool you down immediately and will only see short-term results, but are better than doing nothing at all or other methods that may actually do damage.

TikTok has become a go-to place for many people when they have queries or questions and want some little life hacks to try and make their life easier, better and more cost-effective at times, but it can also provide false information at times.


Pharmacist and TikTok superstar, Fernandez, has been informing people about what they should not be doing during a heatwave if they wish to keep their body temperature as low as possible, and has now debunked done myth for thousands of people.

According to the online star, if you wish to remain cool, a natural thought is to have a cold shower as it will instantly drop your body temperature and make you feel refreshed and more comfortable, but this will only last for a short amount of time before ultimately, making you feel worse and even hotter than before.

TikTok Star Offers Key Advice

“On these days when it’s so hot, you think, oh, great idea I’ll take a cold shower to cool off, I’m sure it’s going to be great,” Fernandez claimed. “Well, you know it’s not, it’s counterproductive and after a while, you’ll be even hotter.”

Therefore, you must resist the urge to indulge in an ice cold shower if it gets too hot for you outside or at home and instead, take a lukewarm shower as it will slowly lower your temperature, but also your body won’t get a shock in the sudden change so won’t be soaring up and won constantly.

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