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Some weeks ago, we published a pair of letters criticising an article by Leapy Lee and we asked whether our readers were for or against his forthright views. Ninety per cent of the comments received were positively in favour of the ‘ol boy’ so do keep abreast of his articles which feature each week in all editions of Euro Weekly News.


I am a French resident of Albir where my husband and I bought a house two years ago and we spend approximately 1/3 of our time in Spain and 2/3 in our home town of Versailles.

Upon arrival in Spain, I collect in my supermarket (Mendoza in Albir to name it) all the free newspapers I can : in English as well as the ones in German and Dutch (the other ones being in Swedish/Norwegian…).

I read them all thoroughly, ending with EWN and keep Leapy’s article for the very end, that is I skip it, read the newspaper until the last page and then like a good French pastry at the end of a good meal, delight myself reading Leapy, the epitome of good journalism.

I always 100 per cent agree with his views and couldn’t say better. Of course, he will be treated as an old dinosaur, a racist blablabla blablabla : in France, it is the same, the so-called “open”  journalists or politics who know better than anyone and above all, deny the right to give one’s opinion that is not their opinion “you are extreme-right, fascist, you remind me of ‘les heures sombres de notre histoire’ (how many times do we have to hear this phrase!)”. If you say there are too many migrants in France, it means you want to reopen concentration camps so end of discussion… this woke stuff and the cancel culture coming from the USA is starting to be unbearable for our European countries, so open and mostly non-racist… also if you try to understand the Ukraine-Russia war, you are pro-Putin or if you give an opinion on Pfizer jabs (I have been vaccinated three times…) you are a complotist…

So Leapy is a breath of fresh air, so please Leapy, go on giving your opinion, I love it and share it to my English-speaking friends as much as I can. I think the majority of the people agree with you anyway and the ones who don’t, please let ‘Leapy Lee say it’.

And BTW, I am back in Versailles and miss his articles : is there a way to read EWN online please ?

Sincerely Laurence (in French a woman’s name, Laurent is for men, oh my ! I forgot : there shouldn’t be any genders anymore😉).

Everyone needs a dinosaur

True, but today’s dinosaurs are more ‘with it’ than the ones the likes of you and I had to contend with.  My Dad thought I was on the road to ruin when he saw me jiving to Red River Rock, still gets me going today.

Love reading your Euro Weekly articles.


Shirley Hunt

Yes … young people today, more so than ever, do see older people as less than, instead of hanging on every word and LEARNING.

Everything is geared toward youth.

My grouse for this week is all the kerfuffle about the kiss. Young women are emasculating men; and when they have completed their work, they will then complain that men are ‘not what they used to be’. Of course he overstepped the mark but that is what he did; he didn’t torture, kill, rape or touch any sexual parts. And it is not as though she was Miss World, is it? If she did not like what he did then, AT THE TIME, she should have remonstrated, pushed him off, given him a slap, whatever. All this climbing on the bandwagon calling it ‘disgusting’ etc. is utter rubbish. And suggesting that he should be fired from his job for it is ludicrous. Get real.

So I am a dinosaur but I really would not want to be part of this Facebook-loving 15 minutes of fame generation. We might be dinosaurs but they are amoebae!

Warmest wishes

Jane Corbett

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