Controversial TV Personality Calls Spanish Women’s Football Team ‘S**t’

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Controversial Spanish ex-TV talk show personality, Coto Matamoros, has dropped the F-bomb in a tirade against the women’s Spanish football team on a Radio Intereconomía phone-in show, Disidencia Deportiva.

Matamoros, who was the Jerry Springer of Spanish talk shows over a decade ago, and who was imprisoned in a jail in Zaragoza in 2011 for non-payment of alimony, phoned into the show today to air his views. 

The unusual character, who’s best described as a Cro-Magnon with head tattoos, shocked listeners with his forthright, though somewhat stunted, opinions in a recording that is now viral on Social Media.

He said, “The Women’s Soccer World Cup is worth the same as the Carranza Trophy and forgive me in Cádiz,” in an opening gambit guaranteed to annoy both women and the people of Cádiz.

When the show’s host then asked if Matamoros was happy with the success the Spanish women’s team had achieved, he replied “I’m not interested, I’ve never seen a women’s soccer match in my life. I’ve seen the summaries and said how bad they are.” A response which gained a ripple of nervous laughter from the panellists on the show.

From there he heroically doubled down on his bid to win friends and influence people by stating, “I guess the mothers of the players like to watch them play, the girlfriends of the players too, and the boyfriends and all this… But come on, wasting time on f*****g women’s football, come on, it seems crazy to me.”

The presenter responded to Matamoros, saying “They are opinions. There are people who like it and you don’t like it,” to which Cotos replied, “They are not opinions, no, it is the f*****g reality.” He later added,  “My opinion is separate. The reality is that they are s**t, that is the reality.”

Thus far, the video of Matamoros’ tirade has received over 600,000 views on Twitter with replies that don’t entirely suggest that the Twittersphere (or Xsphere) is on board with the Matamoros worldview.

@fgor said, “So why do you give an opinion on women’s soccer if you haven’t seen a game? How would you treat someone who gives an opinion on men’s soccer without having seen a game? Is it so hard to say “I’m not aware of the subject, I don’t have an opinion?”

@Javi1345 replied, “Troglodytes; with all due respect to our ancestors.”

@mariajocat said, “You still don’t see it. You don’t have to, but honour us with your silence. You are unbearable.”

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    • Gert D.

      24 September 2023 • 17:59

      The fact you failed to quote any tweets that agreed with the man exposes your bias and progressive agenda. What happened to fair and balanced news? These women blackmailed an entire industry, an entire nation that previously supported them, for their selfish egotistic desires. Everyone I speak to says they are done with Spanish ladies football. I predict that league will soon collapse for lack of sponsors as they learn the lesson, Go Woke…Go Broke!

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