Diva TikTok Influencer Rants About Tube Passengers Ruining Shots

women trying to film on London Underground

Hard life of influencers. Credit: tiktok.com/@turnttoni

The world of Social Media influencers is a funny old thing; often young, hip people show their hundreds of thousands of followers what they had on top of their smashed avocado sourdough toast that morning whilst earning themselves a fair old wodge of money from advertising revenue

So it’s no surprise that with all the followers, with all the likes, and with all that advertising revenue some influencers get a little bit, shall we say, entitled.

Introducing @schizarella and @turnttoni who are X (Twitter) and TikTok famous for, well, nothing particularly discernable really other than posting faux-unposed ‘oh gosh, I just happen to have been caught on camera looking sexy’ shots with a smattering of psychobabble buzzwords and call-outs to their influencer bessie mates.

One-half of the interchangeable pair, @schizarella, recently shared a video of @turnttoni trying to film a video for TikTok on the platform of Oxford Circus London Underground station…during the busy period. The video shows @turnttoni’s reactions to the rather inevitable event of actual passengers getting off the actual tube train and spoiling her shot by going about their actual business without understanding how lucky they were to be in the presence of a TikTok influencer.

Most people’s take on this would be that, if you want a London Underground station to yourself so that you can be filmed in a bodycon dress with hair wafting as a train goes by, yah know….pay to rent the station out of hours like film crews do. But in the rather self-absorbed world of Social Media influencers, the answer is, of course, to expect and demand that everyone in a public space recognise that you are an influencer and then, being suitably impressed and humbled into a lower psychological existence by your manifest talents, attractiveness and ability to walk in Christian Louboutins, stay out of your way.

So what happens when self-absorbed delusional influencers take to Social Media to complain about the great unwashed? A backlash of predictable amusement of course.

@CollinConnors kicked off proceedings.

connor collins TikTok Reply
Credit: twitter.com/collinconnors

@Dirty_Archangel tried to inject a little photographer wisdom.

Dirty_archangel tweet
Credit: twitter.com/Dirty_Archangel

@WonderstruckYT went for the full sarcasm route.

wonderstruckYT Tweet
Credit: twitter.com/WonderstruckYT

For her part, @schizarella decided to gain the moral high ground by making fun of her respondents for not being rich enough. 

schizarella tweet
Credit: twitter.com/schizarella

After coming to the conclusion that the adoring masses must be out having a skinny oat frappucino and not giving her back-up, @schizarella performed the X/Twitter equivalent of a flounce by posting a totally unposed and candid photo of herself “trying to save society” and “spreading the love”; presumably on a slice of toasted sourdough.

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Written by

Emma Mitchell

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