EU Orders UK To Pay €32 Million Fine

UK Owes EU €32 Million

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Despite the UK no longer being part of the EU, this hasn’t stopped them from dishing out a substantial fine, leading some to speculate that this is just another punishment resulting from Brexit.

In a press release from the European Union Court of Justice, on Thursday, September 28, it has imposed a hefty €32 million fine on the United Kingdom.

The European Court of Justice (ECJ) in the EU delivered the financial penalty, citing the UK’s non-compliance with specific diesel regulations.

A Warning To Northern Ireland

According to GB News, Whitehall is currently buzzing with concerns. This ruling could potentially establish a benchmark for future interactions between the UK and the EU post-Brexit.

The fine, almost two times the initial advisory recommendation, is perceived as a stern warning, particularly aimed at Northern Ireland.

The rationale behind this is to deter any future deviations from EU laws, with the fine being proportionate to the UK’s overall economy, not just Northern Ireland’s.

Delayed Compliance And Increased Fines

The delay in aligning with a 2018 judgement played a significant role. It contributed to the augmentation of the fine imposed by the ECJ.

Northern Ireland continues to adhere to several EU goods regulations. This adherence is crucial to avoid establishing a rigid border with the Republic of Ireland.

These regulations are monitored by the European Commission and the rulings are enforced by the ECJ.

Red Diesel Ban And EU Leverage

The crux of the issue revolves around red diesel. The UK did not enforce an EU prohibition on its use in private leisure vessels, such as yachts and canal boats.

This regulation aims to encourage the use of white diesel. White diesel is taxed at the standard fuel duty rate and VAT at 20 per cent, compared to red diesel’s five per cent.

David Jones, a notable advocate for Brexit, expressed his views, stating, ‘The attitude is what it always was. The EU has always wanted to punish the UK for daring to exercise its treaty right to leave.’

Jones highlighted the ongoing EU influence, remarking, ‘Northern Ireland is the EU’s continuing leverage over the whole of the UK.’ He concluded with a call for change, asserting, ‘It needs to be renegotiated.’

Speaking on behalf of Reform UK, its Northern Ireland representative said: ‘Three years after leaving the EU, the entire United Kingdom is still subject to EU law and European Court rulings.

‘And, as is evident, the gravy train payments demanded by Brussels continue. Didn’t someone promise we would take back control of our laws and our cash?’

This development underscores the prevailing sentiment among some that the Windsor Framework restricts the UK’s ability to diverge from EU regulations. It raises questions about the future relationship between the two states.

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    • Naimah Yianni

      29 September 2023 • 12:28

      What has it got to do with the EU? I suggest we tell them where to stuff their fine. The EU is an out of control big brother globalist organisation and I would love to see it fall apart

    • M

      30 September 2023 • 15:41

      Many EU Countries fall foul of EU rules in one way or another and numerous fines impossed by Brussels go mainly unpaid! lets see what the UK’ stance will be on this issue?

    • Peter

      04 October 2023 • 12:58

      The UK left the EU. It never left the European Courts of Justice.

      The UK has been a memeber of this court system for many years. It has nothing to do with the EU.

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