Las Vegas Police Arrest Suspect Over Tupac Shakur 1996 Murder

A collection of Tupac albums.

A collection of famous artist Tupac's albums

In groundbreaking news, Las Vegas police have confirmed an arrest of a suspect in connection to famous hip-hop artist, Tupac Shakur’s murder dating back to 1996.

It is one of the most famously unsolved murder cases in the world and has even led to conspiracy theories being created by fans of the old-school rapper about whether or not he was actually even killed in 1996.

In 1996, Tupac was shot and killed during a drive-by and was said to be from a gang in America to this day, the police have been unable to solve the case, which has appeared to go cold for many years.

However, police have just today released body camera footage which is from a recent nighttime home raid in the Las Vegas area and ende dupa rersting someone they believe to be in connection with the rapper’s murder.

Keffe D Arrested Over Tupac Murder

ABC News first obtained the footage and released it to its viewers and readers and it shows a unique angle of the exact moment the Las Vegas SWAT team moved in to sweep an apartment believed to be owned by Duane Keith Davis, more widely known as Keffe D.

Keffe D has constantly claimed that he was one of the eyewitnesses who are still living to this day but admits it was not he who killed Tupac, but instead, his cousin who was in the car at the same time when it happened.

The police managed to seize a number of items from the property including a hard drive, USB, iPad, and laptops as well as numerous magazine articles that related to the death of Tupac Shakur.

A Huge Development From Case Dating Back To 1996

Bullets were also retrieved from the home, however, they were not able to be linked back to the drive-by murder almost 30 years ago, but an official has claimed the raid was indeed a success, while detectives doubt anything seized will help them in bringing the culprit to justice.

Las Vegas Police are continuing to investigate the case. A grand jury will help decide whether charges are filed, but as things stand, no charges have been filed.

The much-loved artist was shot on September 7, 1996, in Las Vegas, but was not confirmed dead until six days later when he sadly lost his life in hospital.

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