TV Favourite Fred Siriex Hospitalised

TV Favourite Shares Health Update

Fred in hospital. Credit: Fred Siriex/

THE UK’s favourite Frenchman, Fred Siriex, has today revealed his latest health update in an online post.

On Friday, September 29, the 51-year-old star of First Dates underwent two seemingly daunting medical procedures at a hospital, aiming to uncover the reason behind an iron deficiency identified in a blood test.

Facing The Fear

Fred, the well-known French television personality, shared his hospital experience with fans, revealing he had both a gastroscopy and a colonoscopy.

He initially contemplated sedation, researching whether he could bear the discomfort without it. Eventually, Fred chose to forgo the drugs, sharing that he successfully endured both procedures without being sedated.

A Smile Amidst Discomfort

In a recent Facebook post, Fred is seen flashing a peace sign, clad in a hospital gown. Another image features him, fully clothed, alongside his consultant. Despite the invasive nature of the procedures, Fred managed to maintain a positive spirit, providing fans with updates and insights into his experience.

To Sedate Or Not To Sedate

‘A while back I had a routine blood test which came back with a slight deficiency in iron. This needed investigating. And so I was booked for a gastroscopy & colonoscopy,’ Fred shared.

He expressed his initial apprehension, especially considering the invasive nature of the procedures. ‘In the USA & France patients go under sedation when undergoing these two procedures.

‘In the UK it is different. Patients can opt out of sedation. A gastroscopy only requires a numbing spray on the throat while air and gaz [sic] is offered for the colonoscopy,’ he added.

Fred sought advice from his brother Pierre Sirieix, a doctor and cancer researcher, and Dr Elizabeth Bird-Lieberman, an Oxford Gastroenterologist consultant. ‘Both told me I could take it and it was not necessary to be sedated. I trust them, I therefore followed their advice and went without,’ he added.

Fred’s Experience

Fred described the gastroscopy as ‘the most unpleasant’ due to the gagging sensation but mentioned it only lasts five minutes. ‘Pain wise I’ve had much worse. Anyone could take it,’ he stated. In contrast: ‘The colonoscopy is easy peasy in contrast. A bit weird I must admit because it is up your bum but we all have one and c’est la vie. However it is NOT painful,’ he concluded.


After the procedures, Fred enjoyed his favourite chocolate biscuits and looked forward to an Indian takeaway, along with a nice bottle of wine to celebrate.

Fans were quick to share their experiences and best wishes: ‘Thank you for normalising these procedures – being honest and dispelling fears,’ said one.

Another added: ‘I have had both of those, colonoscopy three times, what I found the worst was drinking the vile liquid to clear my stomach., hope all goes well for you and I can’t wait to see you with Gino and Gordon.’

And finally one added: ‘How awesome of you to share your experience to benefit others! Enjoy your Indian and wine this evening, we will be toasting you tonight!’

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