The Internet Hilariously Takes Down Sunak’s New Approach To Net Zero

Rishi Sunak's list of non existent policies he's scrapping

Fake policies now scrapped. Credit

Since the Tories got a surprise win in the Uxbridge by-election on the issue of emission charges, Rishi Sunak and his cabinet have been scrambling to find more potentially vote-winning overturns of green policy. 

The latest big idea from a struggling government has been dubbed as a ‘new approach to Net Zero’ and features five (apparently all government policy must now come in fives) “heavy-handed measures” they are committing to scrap. The slightly bewildering thing about the plan is that precisely none of the five measures were ever policy, nor indeed under discussion to become future policy.

Sunak’s love of Tweeting his latest initiatives led to the rather embarrassing situation where the Prime Minister’s post got a note from X/Twitter appended saying that “None of those listed policies are included in the government’s own Net-Zero Strategy.”

So bizarre was this ‘pretend to scrap things that never existed in the first place’ strategy that the Internet couldn’t help but react; brutally and with much amusement for anyone following. This sort of treatment probably isn’t included in most politicians’ media training, but how to deal with an Internet pile-on of epic proportion may be something that Downing Street PR teams want to consider for future training sessions.

We bring you a capsule of Internet viciousness at its most hilarious best.

On The Promise To Scrap Sorting Recycling Into Seven Separate Bins

On The Promise To Stop 15-Minute Cities

On The Five-Point Pledge To Stop Policy That Was Never Policy

Sunak is due to speak at the Conservative Party Conference in Manchester tomorrow where the rumour is that he will scrap the Manchester leg of the HS2 line, leaving it as an odd bit of rail to join up Oak Common on the outskirts of London, with Birmingham. No doubt, if that prediction pans out, the Internet will again be taking to memes to convey its thoughts. It’s always worth finishing off a litany of humiliation with just an extra spoon of humiliation in the form of an oldie, but a goodie.

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    • Naimah Yianni

      04 October 2023 • 14:46

      Even if they had not publicised these measures, they are part of Agenda 2030, so if you dont know what a load of bxxxxx that is, please download it and read it.

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