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20mph speed limit

THE recent decision by the Welsh Government to impose a 20mph speed limit in built up areas has come in for a great deal of criticism within Wales and readers of Euro Weekly News were quick in coming forward with their views on the matter.

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has reacted quickly at the latest Conservative Party Conference and has indicated that Government policy will make it more difficult for such speed limits to be introduced as a blanket measure as well as cracking down on the imposition of  Ultra Low Emission Zones (ULEZ) although it seems as if the Greater London ULEZ could well damage Labour’s election hopes in the South.


Implementing a 20mph speed limit can have several potential benefits. It may enhance road safety, particularly in residential areas and areas with high pedestrian or cyclist activity. Lower speeds generally reduce the severity of accidents and increase the chances of survival for pedestrians in case of collisions.

J Aitken

Some critics may argue that such limits might inconvenience drivers and could lead to increased traffic congestion. Public opinion on these initiatives often varies, with some supporting the focus on safety and others expressing concerns about practicality. These things never suit everyone.

V Green

Agree, goes hand in hand with other rights as a biped being removed, i.e. free speech. Everything is on its head with no logic applied, all political narrative. A vehicle at twenty will generate more energy pollution as carbon, noise and heat. Logic, schools and limited other roads yes but not blanket, the percentage of tragedy is low, there but low. What are we trying to do reduce it to zero, another illogical zero policy, the few impacting the many.

D Hurford

Cars aren´t made to be driven at 20 mph, this is just more Agenda 2030 bull designed to remove our freedoms. Have you heard about places in the US where they are banning meat, dairy and new clothes? COme on people, we need to stop this crap before it starts. I´d like to see the UN, World Economic Forum and all l those other idiotic psychopathic organisation disbanded. WHo the hell do they think they are? We didn´t vote for you and your agendas, you know where you can stick them!

N Yianni

Licence Exchange

I would like to give an account of the exchange of UK driving license to Spanish , how tráfico have rendered thousands that handed in their UK license to them ! Now are without any license Unable to drive for months !! Possibly until January. !! UK license was supposed to be EXCHANGED for Spanish or at least a temporary Spanish license. That has not been done. I got all relevant docs plus UK license to my solicitor by May 9 th had receipt for all docs from Tráfico May24 Have had no temp license in return 4 months ago , still no license I’m 75 live alone hence my car is my lifeline ! I still not allowed to drive and they tell me it could be many months before they respond !! So wish I hadn’t taken up residency! Please print this I bet thousands of people are in the same situation Thankyou in anticipation

Marlene Raybould

Fighting depopulation

The lack of goverment grants is a big factor in detering population of declining village numbers, IVA attached to basic repairs like roofs and water supplies are putting people off. I have witnessed people turning up to view properties and walking away when the basic repairs + IVA attached is offputting. Italy came up with a scheme to prevent small villages from being ghost towns and if the Spanish government wish to avoid the same then a radical rethink is long overdue?


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