Get Rid Of Bedbugs The Natural Way

Nature's Answer To Bedbugs

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Recent reports indicate an alarming rise in bed bug incidents throughout Europe. But is a bed bug infestation preventable?

According to Telecinco, the number of bed bug cases in Spain surged by 71 per cent from January to September 2023, compared to the same months in the previous year,

The French Bedbug Crisis

The bedbug situation in Spain might be concerning, but contrast this with the misery endured by the residents of many French cities. Notably, Paris is facing its worst bed bug invasion since the times of the Second World War.

While many are aware of the more conventional methods to combat these pests, few recognise the potential of aromatic plants as natural repellents.

Nature’s Way


A whiff of mint might be delightful for humans, but bed bugs detest it. Combining some water with a few drops of mint essential oil creates a spray that can be applied to bug-prone areas.


Its unique and strong scent releases chemicals that are toxic to pests. Keeping a couple of lavender flowers in cloth bags can prevent these insects from settling in.


This Indian spice isn’t just for cooking. Its main component, curcumin, suffocates bed bugs, causing them to perish.


Another culinary favourite, fresh basil leaves can deter these pests. Like other plants, simply place them in areas where bugs are most likely to gather.


Whether you buy it or grow it, thyme is effective. An infusion made from its leaves, when sprinkled over bug hotspots, can help in eradicating them.

Harnessing the power of these aromatic plants might be the key to turning the tide against the bedbug menace that’s plaguing many homes.

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