Finland’s ‘Most Positive’ Person Shares Her Thoughts

Positivity Is The Answer

Most Positive Finn: Ella Kanninen Credit: Ella Kanninen/

IN a public vote, Ella Kanninen has been crowned the ‘Most Positive Finn’ of 2024.

Ella Kanninen, renowned presenter and journalist, has been honoured as the ‘Most Positive Finn’ this year. This accolade is a testament to her unwavering commitment to spreading joy and optimism, writes YLE.

The Most Positive Finn of the Year award is in conjunction with Finland’s Red Nose Day, celebrated on November 10, the public cast their votes, firmly placing Kanninen at the top.

Ella’s Take On Positivity

Discovering the news during her Tuscan holiday, 48-year-old  Kanninen expressed her thoughts on the subject. She explained that positivity in Finland is often undervalued. She added, ‘It isn’t about meaningless laughter. It’s the small gestures, like sharing a genuine smile with a stranger. Such acts aren’t shallow; they show genuine care and compassion, which is immensely valuable.’

The competition was tough. Among the nominees were Eija Vilpas, the actress; Eino Nurmisto, the social media influencer; Frank Martela, the happiness expert; Lina Lehtovaara, the football referee; trumpeters Ibrahim ‘Iba’ Manza and Abdirahman Keinaan from MolyBros; and artist Jannika B.

A Surprising Responsibility

The win came as a delightful surprise for Ella. ‘Being seen as a beacon of positivity brings its own set of responsibilities,’ Kanninen reflected. ‘It’s challenging to remain upbeat amidst distressing news,’ she admitted  that finding the silver lining isn’t always easy..

For Kanninen, positivity is a lan important lifeline: ‘Even though sometimes there are health problems or financially tight as a freelancer, I always try to think that there is something good in this too.’

Culture And Positivity

Global events, such as wars and rapid climate change, sometimes dampen Kanninen’s spirits.  ‘I just saw the headline that Saimaa Norse is doing a little better. It made me happy for a while, but climate change seems to be rolling forward with speed. I wonder what steps can be taken to slow it down’ she pondered.

Kanninen believes that a sunny disposition is a blend of nature and nurture. Growing up, her family instilled in her the importance of resilience. ‘Even though it was sometimes financially tight at home and the parents divorced, my mother never gave up or wanted to throw down the gloves in the face of adversity Kanninen recalled.

Her time in Italy further cemented her positive outlook. she explained that Italians have a way of connecting with others, making eye contact and being considerate. While Italy isn’t devoid of its share of unpleasant individuals, the culture emphasises community over isolation.

In her closing thoughts, Kanninen emphasised the power of a positive mindset she emphasised that constant negativity can lead to stagnation. By shifting one’s perspective, finding solutions often becomes easier.

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