Man In Almeria Secretly Filmed With Camera Hidden In Shoe

Caught On Camera; Man Arrested For Secretly Filming

Caught On Camera. Credit:

A man’s suspicious behaviour was his undoing, he was later arrested and found to be secretly filming with a hidden camera located in his shoe.

A recent report has given details of an incident in El Ejido, Almeria, in which a local copy shop owner discovered a regular customer’s ulterior motives, according to 20 Minutos.

Regular And Suspicious Visits

The National Police reported the arrest of a man who frequented a commercial premises, specifically when the female owner was present. He had been observed lingering around the premises, seemingly waiting for moments when she was alone.

Employees of the business grew wary of this man, noting a pattern. Initially, he visited roughly twice a week. However, his visits escalated, turning into daily occurrences. Intriguingly, he always requested the same service involving a cutting machine.

Sinister Motive Unveiled

Placed outside the counter, this machine demanded the owner to lean forward for its operation. It was during these instances the man would strategically position himself closely behind her, maintaining a short distance without physical contact.

Over time, the owner spotted an odd behaviour. Whenever they approached the machine, he exhibited an unusual lift of his left leg. She initially dismissed it, assuming it might be a nervous tic. However, her suspicion grew when she observed him discreetly retrieving an electronic device from his shoe.

Checking the shop’s CCTV footage, the owner’s worst fears were confirmed. The man was seen directing his shoe beneath her skirt. The man was then observed removing something from his shoe, whereupon he hid it away inside his pocket. Understandably, this left left the victim deeply disturbed.

Prompt Police Action

Alarmed by her discovery, she informed the Police, who swiftly put a surveillance plan in action. Upon further investigation, the individual was found to possess two upward-facing recording gadgets concealed between his shoe and sock.

Following the man’s arrest, with police concerns that the man might target other women in a similar way, an exhaustive search was conducted at his house. The authorities confiscated various electronic storage devices. Cybercrime experts looked further into the investigation, ensuring that none of the captured content had been shared online.

However, judiciary sources mentioned that the victim’s plea for a restraining order was turned down by the court.

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