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THERE has been a huge response to our recent article on the Euro Weekly News web site and Facebook page about the proliferation of wild boar and with more than 100 response already the general feeling is that they should be treated with care and respect rather than simply killed to make life easier for humans.

Reed the article as it appears in this edition of your paper as well as these comments below and let us know your feelings on the matter.

William Sr. Koninckx

Hunt/manage them where safe and possible, but let them be when they come for a sanctuary … feeding and approaching them is wrong and a recipe for confrontation !

Sabrina Hope

We have invaded their territory, so have to learn to live with them. They are a wild animal so our respect is needed, we definitely should be looking after them!

Michael Stanton

I would not like to see them culled, but maybe pushing them back into the wild country

Christine Belmonte

No leave them alone your building on all there places.

Katalin Zu Windischgraetz

I live in Andalusia for a very long time and witnessed how they habitat has been shrinking… Further more they come down from La Concha, because irresponsible people are to lazy to put they garbage into the containers, they leave it on the street around the containers or throw it everywhere on the street, which is an open invitation… They don’t bother humans, only the barking dogs can make them nervous, specially if they are mothers with little ones. When I’m walking my dogs I watch them, which many people don’t do, because they face is sticking into their mobiles… The problems are the humans….

Andrew Philip Coates

No way , they are beautiful animals ,people have taken their natural habitats, this coupled with the loss of forest land due to fires have forced these magnificent animals down to the coast looking for food, they are not aggressive unless threatened.

Barry Marshall

They are dangerous , they spread disease , people get their cars written off! They should be controlled , they continue to break through fences , destroy gardens (which were there actually before them) and procreate very rapidly . They hunt in packs with the parents often being 300 kgs each .

Beware what you wish for!

Luisa Grajales

Trap, neuter, return (TNR) with vaccinations cost around 400€ per head. Hunters are paid 2000€ on average per head, do you start to see the issue?

They are being deliberately bred and released. More hunters and wardens are coming forward to confirm it.

We then also factor un serious loss of habitat, drought and more rubbish due to more population, so the pigs are “in town”.

They often have cuts from rubbish. Rubbish they shouldn’t be rummaging in. They should have feeding and watering stations with regular veterinary controls and with the huge amount of Chaparral forest decimated for urbanisations, Mijas should be creating a green belt with biodiversity area, there is plenty of land to do so.

Celeste Picken

There’s too many and they’re causing fatal.road accidents. I’d say cull and sell the meat.

Laura Charles

They were on the beach today, weren’t causing a problem just trotting along.

Jacqueline Mellis

Please just let nature take its course . It was their land before we encroached on it . They deserve a life too .

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