Disturbing Reaction To Sexual Assault In Almeria

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A MAN, who was recently arrested in Almería for recording under a woman’s skirt with a camera that was hidden in his shoe, and is suspected to have had ‘many more victims’, has been met with a surprising reaction on social media. 

The National Police arrested a man in El Ejido (Almería) who was making sexual recordings with a hidden camera. After suspicions arose, the victim decided to check the cameras and saw how he pointed his shoe under her skirt and immediately put his hand to his ankle before inserting something into his pocket. Upon seeing this, she reported the facts to the police, who analysed the video and intercepted the perpetrator on his next visit. After the arrest, the agents were able to verify that the man was carrying two small recording devices hidden between his shoe and sock, with the lenses pointing upward.

The police immediately arrested the man, and began working to determine if there were other victims. Whilst the offender remains in custody, his story has been widely shared around social media, resulting in quite an unexpected and disturbing reaction. 

After being posted to a local news Facebook page, the upsetting news article was responded to with a ‘laughing reaction’ by some users whilst another wrote a comment in Spanish that translated to “he recorded her panties, or if she wasn’t wearing any…something else hahaha”.

The incident was also translated to English and shared on the Facebook page of a local radio station, where a man made a joke that “in my day we wore patent shoes”. Insinuating that there were other ways to achieve this crime.

Euro Weekly News spoke to another Facebook user who had expressed her upset with these insensitive comments, she told us that “it is typical of men to make a joke out of the sexual assault of a woman. Unless it is their daughter or wife or someone they are about, it’s all just a laugh and a joke”.

Hopefully these people are a small few out of the majority, who clearly condemn this crime.

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Jennifer Popplewell

Jennifer is a proud northerner from Sheffield, England, who is currently living in Spain. She loves swimming in rivers, talking to the stars and eating luxurious chocolate.


    • Concha

      29 October 2023 • 20:39

      It just goes to show that sexism is so deeply entrenched (institutionalised), that even in the UK, misogyny is not a crime, although by its very definition it is the hatred of women, so why therefore isn’t it an international law, recognised by the European Court of Human Rights, and the UN?
      Until men’s rights don’t outweigh women’s, there will never be equality, but then how could there ever be equality when women can do everything a man can do, and often much better, plus women can do things that a natural-born man will never be able to do.
      Our problem is, by nature, most women are too benign to even want to take control, whereas men on the other hand, can’t conceive of such a concept. The majority of women just want to be left in peace, to get on with life… I know I do… … and at the end of the day, most men are nice guys, good companions and fathers, it’s the others who are so very, very dangerous. Sadly, there are way too many of them.

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