The Mysterious Murmur In ‘The Cultural Village Of Europe’

View of the plagued village Credit: Wikipedia

ON the coast of the North Sea lies a picturesque village named Wijk aan Zee. This village declared itself “Cultural Village of Europe” in 1999, recognising the special nature of village life in general, as well as the beauty and history of the area. 

However, all is not perfect in paradise, as a ‘strange humming sound’ currently plagues Wijk aan Zee, keeping residents up at night and leaving local experts scratching their heads.

For months, the local environmental department has stated that they have been repeatedly receiving reports of noise pollution from the area. One resident told a regional broadcaster, “if I’m sitting downstairs and I don’t have the TV on, I hear it, but then if I’m sleeping upstairs, I hear it too”. He went on to state that, “during the day you are busy with things and you don’t pay much attention to it. But when you are alone at home, you just hear that buzzing”. 

The local environment department explained that they have conducted three nighttime noise measurements since January, with the most recent one being in September. “No exceedances were detected, and we were also unable to determine the cause of the nuisance experienced,” they stated. 

‘The Hum’ is a name often given to an infamous worldwide phenomenon, in which a persistent and invasive low-frequency humming, rumbling, or droning noise is audible to many, but not all people. ‘The Hum’ has been reported in many countries around the globe, and now it seems that Wijk aan Zee is the latest place to suffer it’s perplexing pulse.

Many discussions on social media have arisen, debating the origin of the sound, with some proposing that it may be a local transformer station – whilst others argued a more otherworldly explanation – that it comes from a nearby alien spacecraft

Experts have assured residents that they will remain attentive to the issue, but for now, locals are left to wait and wonder, and hopefully not be abducted by aliens! 

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Written by

Jennifer Popplewell

Jennifer is a proud northerner from Sheffield, England, who is currently living in Spain. She loves swimming in rivers, talking to the stars and eating luxurious chocolate.