‘Alien’ Evidence In The Origins Of Humanity

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WELCOME to today’s Earth. A modern paradise. 

Metallic buildings tower over concrete streets that are filled with glaring neon lights and deafening sounds. 2023 sees the Earth filled with more ‘alien’ structures than ever, that stand in stark contrast to all natural elements of this planet. One has to wonder, was this what was intended for this miraculous, life sustaining place, and where does this ever-growing ‘alien’ influence originate?

In this article we will explore the idea that humanity may hold its origins in an alien environment, alongside opening the discussion about ‘alien’ evidence that may not fit within the current accepted narrative of human history. 

‘Alien’ Definition

The word ‘alien’ has various meanings in the English language. The most known of course, are those little green things we see in films, otherworldly creatures who are not from this Earth. The word is also defined as something that is ‘unfamiliar’ or ‘in conflict’ with an element. If we take a walk in nature, how does that compare to our man made cities? Do our ‘progressive’ buildings seem at all unfamiliar or in conflict with our world in its natural state? Each may come to their own conclusion on that one, but say the idea is presented that all our modern creations are in fact, not at all similar to this natural world, would the question not naturally then be presented that perhaps the builders of these ‘alien’ structures may also not be natives to this world? If we as humans are so inclined as to create these ‘alien’ structures and societies, is it not possible, if not quite probable, that humans are in fact ‘alien’ to this Earth too? 

Famous Theories 

The two most widely accepted explanations as to the origins of humanity are that of ‘creation’ and ‘evolution’. The latter follows the theory that we came about primarily as complete accident, a biological fluke, and we now share a common ancestor with modern primates, merely evolving in a distinct manner. The belief of creation however, evokes the feeling of a ‘purpose’ for humans. That we were created as we are, for a reason, by some kind of divine God that we must now worship for his/her troubles. The reason behind that creation however, is still widely debated among religions and their followers. 

The First Belief

Mesopotamia is the ancient homeland of the Sumerians, ‘humanity’s first great civilization’, according to Discover Magazine, with advanced militaries, mathematics and writing. Most scholars agree that writing and the recording of events originated there, History.com refers to it as the ‘earliest sophisticated civilization known to history’, and if we want to discover the truth about something, should we not look to the earliest source? Debatable. Anyway, one of the many things that the Sumer recorded was their beliefs, specifically, where humanity in this form originated from. According to translated Sumer texts, humans were created by an alien race, the Annunaki. These texts describe how this alien race came to planet Earth in search of gold, and created modern day humans as a sort of ‘slave race’ to mine it for them. Whilst also simultaneously helping humans build sophisticated structures and teaching them the secrets of the universe, such as farming, astrology and mathematics. Sound familiar?

The Bible

What may be surprising to some, is that this story actually fits quite well with that of the Holy Bible, in which an otherworldly divine being creates a less advanced race that must spend their lives in obedience and worship. The book of Genesis states that ‘God said “Let us make man in our image”’ (note the plural of ‘us’ and ‘our’ there). The Sumerian text known as ‘The Epic of Gilgamesh’ describes how the Anunnaki gods created humans partly out of clay, whilst the Bible also references this, saying that God formed man from the ‘dust of the ground’. These creation stories are very similar, which indicates to some that they may have been inspired by a true event. 

Evolution And Where It All Comes Together

Whilst fitting in with Christianity and many other religions, the story of the Annunaki can also coexist with the theory of evolution. Though Charles Darwin presented his theory of evolution by natural selection, it could in fact be true that modern humans did evolve from apelike ancestors, however, it may not have been ‘naturally’. The Sumer text explains that the Anunnaki genetically modified the ‘ape-like’ humans who were already residing on the planet at the time. Mixing the seed of said apes with their own godly specimen and clay from the Earth’s ground. Therefore creating a new race, in their own image, who also came from apes. It starts to sound like the most groundbreaking and peace bringing collaboration in history. If you want to go further down the rabbit hole, the idea of implanting an unearthly seed into an ancient human woman who then experiences a divine birth also rings a few bells.

Out Of Place Evidence

Whatever theory one chooses to believe, the history of humanity is perhaps not quite so simple nor linear as it is widely portrayed to be. We are told that we have slowly but surely progressed, in technology and enlightenment alike. We are told that the world today is the most advanced it has ever been and that day to day living has never been more efficient or safe. We are told that we are the only known beings in the universe at this time. When stories emerge about ‘old world’ theories or ideals, we are told that they ‘didn’t know any better’ or that they were mistaken, and due to modern scientific discoveries we now understand the world better. The Annunaki and other magical memories are referred to as ‘mythology’, because they do not fit with the current accepted narrative. There is out of place evidence all over this planet if one cares to take a look, ancient structures indicate that these extinct races must have had access to more advanced technology than what we are taught that they had. The pyramids, cathedrals, and the official wonders of the ancient world, surely spark a ‘what if’ thought in the minds of most. 


With a little curiosity and research, one can find all manner of mysteries and holes in history, waiting to be pondered upon. Just be careful when you jump into that rabbit hole, as it runs pretty deep. Were the Anunnaki real? Or were they merely mythical? Are they the same ‘God’ that 2.8 billion Christians refer to and currently worship worldwide? Are the origins of modern humans a mix of truths that can be found scattered among different beliefs across the Earth?

These of course are personal decisions to come to. But one thing is certain, all is not always as it seems. We often look to the skies and stars to see those otherworldly creatures, when in fact, there may be a little ‘advanced alien’ inside us all.

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Written by

Jennifer Popplewell

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