The Rise of Modern Witchcraft, Folk Magic, and Crystal Healing

modern witchcraft, folk magic, crystal healing

Crystal healing, herbal remedies, spells, and folk magic are making a comeback. Image: Shutterstock/nito

WITH Victoria Beckham sharing her post-full moon crystal cleanse on Instagram and the WitchTok craze on TikTok it got me thinking about the rise in popularity of witchcraft, magical and healing practices. Once a topic to keep hidden and under wraps now it is openly discussed with many fans connecting on social media through their mutual interest.  As Gen Z redefines what is cool it seems traditional practices like crystal healing, herbal remedies, spells, and folk magic are making a comeback.

Many of us look to the past to reconnect with our ancestors and their way of living, whether that’s by spending more time in nature, living with the land rather than on it, getting sunlight when we wake up to regulate the body’s circadian rhythm, or cutting out ultra-processed food.  We seek the best of both worlds, a combination of the best practices from the past with the modern lifestyle we have become accustomed to.

In this article, we will have a look at the history and evolution of witchcraft, folk magic, and crystal healing, the benefits that we seek from these practices, the role the internet and social media play in how these practices are shared and experienced and why there seems to be a rise in popularity.

witchcraft, folk magic
During the Middle Ages, witchcraft was persecuted by the Christian church. Image: Shutterstock/Viktor_LA

The History of Witchcraft, Folk Magic, and Crystal Healing


The history of witchcraft is a complex one. It has been practiced in many different cultures throughout history and its practices and beliefs have varied widely. Some of the earliest evidence of witchcraft comes from ancient Mesopotamia where there are records of people using magic to heal the sick, protect themselves from harm, and even influence the weather. Witchcraft was practiced by the ancient Greeks and Romans.

During the Middle Ages, witchcraft was persecuted by the Christian church. Many people accused of witchcraft were tortured and executed. Thousands of people, mostly women were put to death in relation to witchcraft with the most recent in 2011, a woman was executed in Saudi Arabia for allegedly practicing witchcraft and sorcery. In fact, Saudi Arabia and Cameroon still have official legislation in place against witchcraft.

These days people strive to clear the names of those accused and executed of witchcraft. According to CBS News, there are efforts underway to clear the names of all accused, convicted, or executed for witchcraft in Massachusetts. In Cataluña the Catalan parliament pardoned around a thousand people condemned for the crime of witchcraft 400 years ago.

Folk Magic

Folk magic is a type of magic that is based on the traditions and beliefs of a particular culture or community. It involves using herbs, stones, and other natural objects to achieve magical results. It has been practiced for centuries and has had a rise in popularity recently.

Crystal Healing

Crystal Healing is a type of alternative medicine that uses crystals and gemstones to promote healing and well-being. The practice is based on the belief that crystals have unique energy properties that can be used to balance the body’s chakras and promote physical, emotional, and spiritual healing.

Crystal healing has been practiced for thousands of years. The ancient Egyptians believed that crystals could be used to heal the body and soul. The ancient Greeks and Romans also used crystals for healing purposes. In the Middle Ages, it was largely forgotten but experienced a revival in the 19th century with the rise of alternative medicine.

According to Vogue Victoria Beckham reportedly uses crystals to create harmony, clarity, and creativity.

modern witchcraft
A deeper connection to nature and the cosmos is often experienced. Image: Shutterstock/ Look Studio

What are the Benefits of these practices?

While true believers will be sure to differentiate the three there are clear similarities between them and when scrolling through the reels on WitchTok you can see the three practices are often used under the heading of witchcraft. They are all holistic practices that view the body, mind, and spirit as interconnected and so they offer a range of benefits.

A deeper connection to nature and the cosmos is often experienced and the feeling of being part of something bigger than oneself can often help put things into perspective. People who take part in these practices often have improved physical, emotional, and mental health as they have increased self-awareness and feel like they have power over their own lives. The practices can help relieve stress and anxiety and give them a stronger sense of community and belonging.

Witchcraft can help develop intuitive abilities and folk magic can help connect with cultural heritage. Crystal healing can increase energy and vitality, and enhance mental clarity and focus. There are so many potential benefits and every person will have their own experiences.

What Role Does the Internet and Social Media have on these Practices?

The internet and social media have played a significant role in the resurgence of witchcraft, folk magic, and crystal healing. These practices have been around for centuries, but they have experienced a renewed interest in recent years, thanks in large part to the internet and social media. The internet provides oodles of information about these topics that was not previously available. People can learn about these practices from the comfort of their own homes and even hop onto Amazon for a witchcraft starter pack if they are so inclined!

Social media has also played a major role in the resurgence. Platforms such as TikTok as we discussed earlier as well as YouTube allow people to connect to share their experiences. This has created a sense of community and support and has made the topic less taboo. These practices because of this now reach and appeal to a wider audience. There are now websites, blogs, social media accounts, Facebook groups, and even hashtags dedicated to these practices #WitchTok.

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The Growing Popularity of these Practises Among Young People

The influence of social media as mentioned above has played a huge role in the resurgence but the rise in spirituality is also a factor. Many are disillusioned by the traditional religious institutions combined with the growing awareness of the importance of mental and emotional well-being has made people turn to different holistic practices. The desire for empowerment and an interest in taking control of your life, offering a sense of power and autonomy.

The witchcraft aesthetic is also appealing especially to young people. These practices are often associated with nature, beauty, and mystery which can be of interest to them.

What do you think about these practices? Have you ever practiced witchcraft? Herbalism and meditation once associated with witchcraft and the occult now are accepted forms of alternative medicine maybe as the trend for manifesting gains in popularity so will casting spells? Let us know what you think in the comments.

And in the spirit of Halloween here are a few spells you can perform for protection and to attract abundance.

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