The Euro Weekly News: celebrating 2,000 editions of excellence and community

The Euro Weekly News: celebrating 2,000 editions

Michel & Steven Euesden.

IN the picturesque coastal towns of Spain, a momentous occasion is upon us as The Euro Weekly News marks its 2,000th edition. This multiple award-winning publication, founded by a couple from the North of England has played a remarkable role as a promoter of Spain and an active supporter of local charities throughout its distinguished history.

The journey began back in July 11, 1985 with a vision by a Manchester couple, who, recognising the need for a publication to assist newcomers in their Spanish life, created ‘The Entertainer’. Priced at a mere one peseta per edition, it quickly became a beloved source of local news, views, and information, supported by local business advertisements.

Fast forward to 1996, and The Entertainer was at a crossroads. It was then that Michel and Steven Euesden entered the scene. With their energy and vision, they saw the publication’s future and took ownership. Their arrival marked a pivotal moment in the newspaper’s history, as they set out to transform it into more than just a newspaper; they aimed to make it a vital part of the community.

Under the ownership of the Euesdens, The Entertainer underwent a remarkable transformation. It was reborn as ‘The Euro Weekly News’, reflecting a broader vision and a commitment to serving the foreign population in Spain. This multiple award-winning publication became a trusted companion, with a tapas journalism style, it delivered positive news, connected communities, and uplifted spirits.

Over the years, The Euro Weekly News has been a strong promoter of Spain. It has showcased the beauty of its coastal towns, the rich culture, and the vibrant communities. Through its pages, readers have discovered the hidden gems of Spain, from its picturesque landscapes to its culinary delights.

Moreover, The Euro Weekly News has been an active supporter of local charities. It has used its platform to raise awareness about important social causes and to mobilise community support for those in need. The publication’s commitment to making a positive impact in the lives of its readers goes beyond journalism; it’s a testament to the Euesdens’ dedication to community service.

In 2023, The Euro Weekly News stands more relevant than ever. The landscape of the foreign population in Spain has seen significant changes. An influx of residents from Northern European countries has reshaped the community. While they may not speak Spanish fluently, the universal language of English binds them together, and The Euro Weekly News has become an indispensable resource, bridging language gaps and offering valuable information to this diverse readership.

This remarkable milestone wouldn’t have been possible without the loyal support of advertisers and sponsors who have been partners for over a quarter of a century. Their trust and unwavering commitment have been instrumental in the publication’s continued success, enabling it to deliver quality journalism and community support.

Last but certainly not least, the cherished readers deserve special recognition. Your interaction, your love for the paper, and your unwavering dedication have breathed life into its pages. Your continued support has made The Euro Weekly News more than just a newspaper; it’s a trusted companion that enriches your lives and connects you with your community.

As The Euro Weekly News celebrates its 2,000th edition, it’s an opportune moment to express gratitude to the entire Euro Weekly community – the team, advertisers, sponsors, and readers. Your collective efforts and unwavering commitment have made The Euro Weekly News an indispensable part of life along the Spanish coastline.

Looking ahead, The Euro Weekly News stands poised to continue developing and growing, evolving with the changing demographics and needs of the foreign population in Spain. It remains dedicated to its mission of informing, connecting, and inspiring the European community in Spain.

In closing, let us raise a toast to The Euro  Weekly News and its remarkable journey. Here’s to the future, to many more editions, and to the ongoing story of a publication that has become an essential part of our lives along the sunny shores of Spain.

Thank you for being a part of this incredible journey, and VIVA ESPAÑA!

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