DGT Unveils Guardia Civil’s New Weapon

New Radar Cars From The DGT

Stock image of Guardia Civil vehicle. Credit: bela art/Shutterstock.com

The Guardia Civil’s new radar cars are revolutionising the way speed limits are monitored, making Spanish roads safer for everyone.

In recent times, the General Directorate of Traffic (DGT) has intensified its efforts to combat reckless driving and speeding. This initiative follows a noticeable reduction in road fatalities over past decades, attributed to various measures such as the introduction of a points-based driving license and increased speed monitoring, writes Telecinco.

DGT Stealth In Radar Cars

A key component in this strategy is the Guardia Civil’s radar cars, traditionally camouflaged in high-risk areas to detect and deter speeding. Previously, these vehicles were easily identifiable by their PGC (Parque Guardia Civil) license plates.

However, they now feature standard license plates, enhancing their ability to blend in and remain undetected, even when parked in unusual locations like hard shoulders or intersections.

Advanced Technology Inside

Despite appearing like ordinary vehicles from the outside, radar cars are equipped with cutting-edge technology. The DGT reveals that these cars have internet connectivity and a satellite communications system. This technology not only provides GPS tracking but also ensures constant communication with the headquarters.

Furthermore, the cars are fitted with cameras capable of capturing images of speeding vehicles. These cameras are sophisticated enough to process fines on the spot. In addition, they include license plate readers that can swiftly identify uninsured or stolen vehicles.

Visible Yet Discreet

Contrary to the belief that Guardia Civil radar cars are covertly lying in wait, they are equipped with luminous panels that warn of their location, as well as emergency signals to indicate their presence.

However, these features only come into play when necessary. As the DGT emphasizes, obeying speed limits is the surest way to avoid encounters with radar vehicles. Remember, speeding fines can range from €100 to €600, and infractions can lead to the loss of up to six points on a driver’s license.

The DGT stresses the importance of respecting speed limits, noting that two-thirds of sanctions on interurban roads are for speeding, they are also a factor present in almost 20 per cent of accidents involving casualties

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