Pay with Bitcoin: Buy and sell property using cryptocurrency with Spain Homes ®

Pay with Bitcoin: Buy and sell property using cryptocurrency with Spain Homes ®

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Spain Homes is leading the real estate cryptocurrency revolution in Spain.

In a world where traditional norms are challenged and boundaries are shattered, Spain Homes emerges as the dynamic force that sets new standards in the industry. With an unwavering spirit of innovation, the team has harnessed the power of cryptocurrency to unlock unprecedented possibilities for both buyers and sellers in Spain.

Picture this: seamless transactions, enhanced security, and global accessibility – all made possible through the magic of digital currencies. Gone are the days of traditional financial limitations and endless paperwork. Spain Homes propels you into a future where speed, efficiency, and convenience reign supreme. With Spain Homes, is a breeze, opening up new frontiers for buyers and sellers around the world.

Embracing this cutting-edge technology has placed Spain Homes ® at the forefront of a thrilling movement, empowering their clients to embrace the future of real estate transactions with open arms. Whether you’re a tech-savvy investor or a visionary homeowner, Spain Homes opens the doors to a whole new realm of possibilities.

So, step into the future with Spain Homes and experience a paradigm shift in the world of real estate as they shape the future of property transactions – one cryptocurrency payment at a time.

Buy and sell property using cryptocurrency What are the Benefits of Buying Property with Cryptocurrency in Spain?

Using cryptocurrency for your real estate transactions in Spain is a revolutionary way to buy or sell property with remarkable benefits! The demand for using cryptocurrency in the real estate sector is increasing and many crypto investors are seeking passive income – such as rental income from a property.

Spain is one of the countries with the highest return on real estate investments, so now is the time to get in the game.

Speed and efficiency

Using cryptocurrency for real estate transactions and investments in Spain introduces a level of efficiency that traditional methods could only dream of! Forget long bank transfers and bureaucratic red tape, with cryptocurrency, you can complete your transactions quickly and easily, giving you the advantage of being able to seize opportunities without any unnecessary delays.

Secure and transparent

Cryptocurrency allows for secure and transparent real estate transactions. Using Blockchain technology, cryptocurrency offers a tamper-proof record of transactions, ensuring that your investment is safeguarded from fraud or manipulation. This increased trust and transparency can alleviate concerns and build confidence among buyers and sellers alike.

Borderless transactions

Cryptocurrency removes geographical barriers and facilitates borderless transactions, opening the doors to the global real estate market. Spain has many international buyers and cryptocurrency allows for cross-border transactions whilst removing the need for currency conversions and the risk of any potential losses due to fluctuating exchange rates.

Cutting-edge opportunities

Cryptocurrency’s innovative nature lends itself well to the forward-thinking spirit of the real estate industry. By embracing this way of investing, Spain Homes has positioned itself as a leader in technology and real estate, attracting a diverse range of international investors.

Buy and sell property using cryptocurrency in spain
Image; Spain Homes ®

Buy and sell property using cryptocurrency
How do I use cryptocurrency to buy property in Spain?

Buying a property using crypto with Spain Homes is safe and easy. The expert team will deal with all of the details of your transaction, making the process as smooth as possible.

First, you will send your inquiry to Spain Homes and their experienced agent will contact you to discuss your wish list and payment terms. They will offer you the best properties that match your wish list and fine-tune your requirements.Meanwhile, you will send Spain Homes your documents to carry out a KYC (Know Your Customer) process to make sure the provided information is real and correct.

Spain Homes will then have a meeting (online or physical) with you and their legal team to check the AML process (Anti Money Laundering). They will need proof of your income, wallet addressand previous crypto transactions. If everything is correct, you will then need to give Power of Attorney to their legal partner to proceed on your behalf.

The expert team at Spain Homes will carry out the compliance process. Then, you will transfer the amount to the escrow account.

The legal partner with the POA will sign all of the reservation forms and private purchase forms, and then transfer the required amount to the seller according to your agreement.

Spain Homes will obtain and organise your Notary appointment and provide all of the information. The rest of the outstanding payment amount will be paid at the Notary appointment from the escrow account. At this point, you can also pay the taxes and fees in either Fiat or cryptocurrency from the escrow account. You will then get the Title Deed and the seller will get the Fiat.

Spain Homes has experienced legal consultants who have successfully completed several property purchases with Bitcoin. The team manages the OTC process and their legal partners manage the due diligence, escrow account, and notary process for the successful completion of the process.

Find out more about real estate investments With Spain Homes and Crypto here.

Pay with Bitcoin: Buy and sell property using cryptocurrency with Spain Homes ®
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Bitcoin: Buy and sell property using cryptocurrency

Who are Spain Homes?

Spain Homes is a local real estate agency in Spain that is made up of an expert team of property agents. The team will find you the perfect home from their thousands of apartments, villas, townhouses, commercial properties, lands for sale, and other assets, guiding you throughout the whole process – from finding your dream house to getting the title deed.

Spain Homes also accepts cryptocurrency payments, making it easier than ever to buy a property with crypto in Spain. The team can help you navigate the process and ensure a smooth transaction.

The team can also help you to sell your property in Spain, promoting it using proven sales and marketing strategies and giving it maximum exposure on their website. Professional property agents, trusted legal partners, and tax experts will assist you through the entire process and ensure that everything is carried out with zero failure.

Spain Homes has offices in Málaga and Alicante, and the team can assist you in more than 20 different languages, such as English, Spanish, Polish, Hungarian, Turkish, Dutch, Swedish, Russian, German, French, Arabic, Portuguese, and more.

Website: Click here

Opening hours: 9 am until 6 pm on weekdays, 10 am until 3 pm on Saturday



Benalmádena, Málaga: C/El Montículo 8, 29631, Benalmádena

Orihuela Costa, Alicante: Carretera de Villamartín 12, Urbanización La Zenia II, Casa 22, 03189 Orihuela Costa


Landline +34 951 23 59 59

Mobile: +34 683 45 86 86

Social media:

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Pay with Bitcoin: Buy and sell property using cryptocurrency with Spain Homes ®

Image: Spain Homes ®

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