Joe Lycett’s Latest Awareness Stunt

Comedian Highlights UK Sewage Issue

Joe Lycett and Gary Lineker. Credit: joelycett/

Renowned comedian, Joe Lycett, has just executed possibly his most ingenious stunt yet, to raise awareness of of a delicate yet serious issue.

On November 24, Joe Lycett, known for his comedic genius, appeared to be launching his podcast ‘Turdcast‘, featuring celebrity poo stories. However, an unexpected turn of events in Liverpool involving his promotional Turdis toilet led to a surprising revelation, writes Metro.

A Podcast With A Twist

Joe’s elaborate scheme involved a mobile toilet, the Turdis, supposedly touring the country to promote his podcast. The plan seemed to hit a snag due to strong winds and a supposed toilet leakage at Liverpool Albert Dock.

Following these events, Lycett declared the podcast’s indefinite cancellation on Instagram, citing environmental concerns over the spillage.

Unveiling The Truth

But sharp-eyed fans suspected more to the story. Their suspicions were confirmed when Lycett revealed the entire podcast and toilet incident as a staged act.

In a video released on social media, he stated, ‘You might have seen there was a little incident in Liverpool on Thursday. So what I like to do is big stunts that get people talking about the big issues.’ He clarified that the sewage spill was fake, intended to highlight a significant issue.

Highlighting A Larger Issue

Lycett’s actual aim was to draw attention to the billions of litres of sewage annually spilled by UK water companies. He highlighted that in the previous year, water companies paid out £1.4 billion in dividends to shareholders.

He argued that this money could have been better spent improving sewer networks and reducing spills. ‘Of course I didn’t spill raw sewage into the Royal Albert Dock. I’m not spilling s**t in public everywhere, who do you think I am, GB News?’ Lycett quipped.

A Call To Action

The comedian is now urging the public to hold water companies accountable and to join his ‘Poo Promise’. His efforts will culminate in a Channel 4 documentary, ‘Joy Lycett vs Poo’, investigating water pollution and the role of water companies.

Lycett’s initial post, seemingly sincere, had already aroused suspicion among fans, leading to speculation about the true nature of the campaign. The revelation confirms their doubts and highlights a critical environmental issue in a uniquely Lycett way.

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