EU Champion, Guy Verhofstadt Asks UK: ‘Why Not Rejoin?’

'Closer Ties' With EU Prompts Invitation

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FOLLOWING David Cameron’s recent appointment as Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs, one of the EU’s strongest advocates has issued a fresh call for the UK to rejoin.

Prominent European federalist Guy Verhofstadt has recently applauded Lord David Cameron’s desire for stronger UK-EU relations, sparking renewed debate, writes the Express. Could this signal a shift towards the UK rejoining the EU?

Cameron Calls For Closer Ties With The EU

On Saturday, November 25, Guy Verhofstadt responded to the UK’s new Foreign Secretary, Lord David Cameron’s remarks about enhancing UK-EU relations.

This interaction occurred amidst the backdrop of the UK’s ongoing negotiations with Brussels. Lord Cameron emphasised the necessity for the UK to deepen its engagement with the EU in areas such as foreign, defence, and security policy. These statements, however, have stirred discontent among Brexiteer Tory MPs.

Verhofstadt’s Vision For A United Europe

Verhofstadt, a staunch supporter of a unified Europe, took to Twitter/X to echo Lord Cameron’s sentiments. The post stated: ‘David Cameron says the obvious. The UK & EU should work together to defend democracy & freedom against Putin’s imperialism.’

He then raised the question: ‘Why not rejoin ?! The best reply to the autocrats & their pundits in the west who want to divide us & destroy liberal democracy.’ Verhofstadt’s bold proposition comes as the UK continues to gingerly navigate its post-Brexit identity.

The post provoked a mixed reception. One comment from an outspoken pro-Brexiteer sked, ‘Do you not see the hypocrisy in your post? “The UK & EU should work together to defend democracy & freedom” We had a democratic vote to leave! We Brexiteers will defend our own democracy from the likes of you!’

One pro-EU man wishfully posted: ‘Why not put Cameron back as PM and rejoin EU.. get the UK back on track..’

One lengthy post began: ‘If you’d taken @David_Cameron seriously last time, we would never have left. So sure, let’s rejoin if you can complete the following process with us as a valued “friend and partner,”‘ before listing his terms and conditions.

Finally one person said: ‘Brexit has weakened both the EU and the UK at a time when we needed European unity the most. The UK rejoining the EU would be a huge boost for us all in Europe.’

Cameron’s Comeback And EU Dynamics

In his first comprehensive interview since his political resurgence, Lord Cameron positioned the UK as ‘a friend, a neighbour and the best possible partner’ to the EU. Speaking to the BBC, he cited the Ukraine crisis as a prime example of effective UK-EU collaboration.

‘There’s no doubt that Britain is the leading European power in helping Ukraine,’ he remarked, underlining the country’s partnership with European allies. However, these remarks have not been universally welcomed, particularly by MPs who championed Brexit.

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    • Algoz

      27 November 2023 • 18:09

      Of course – re-joining the EU would be in Britain’s interest. Look at the immigration figures. All those people who said it would reduce immigration are looking like idiots now – it’s worse than ever (from outside the EU as well!!!) Get educated…..

      • DJH

        29 November 2023 • 12:02

        Majority of illegal migrants coming from their last leg journey of France, that will not change. Countries from the EU have never warmed or even liked the UK, never will. Shame because European people are great, but as ‘ALL’ politicians they politic without thinking of the others i.e. the people. As yet UK has not enacted Brexit, the politicians and mostly civil servants are remainers and woke activists.

    • Naimah Yianni

      28 November 2023 • 14:38

      They always have to dream up some bogey man to make people feel like they need to come togather. “The UK & EU should work together to defend democracy & freedom against Putin’s imperialism.’”. What a lod of rubbish. Verhofstadt is another globalist twat and dealing with him in the EU was enough to put anyone off having anything to do with it.

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