Lesser-Known Traffic Violations: A Guide To Avoid Unexpected Fines

Lesser-Known Traffic Violations To Be Aware Of In Spain

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Are you inadvertently breaking traffic laws while driving in Spain? Many drivers are, risking fines and points on their driving licenses without realising it.

In Spain, a significant number of motorists inadvertently contravene traffic laws, often only realising their mistake when penalised. This lack of awareness, unfortunately, offers no protection from the law.

The General Directorate of Traffic (DGT) strictly enforces rules to maintain road safety, yet many drivers remain unknowingly at risk, according to 20 Minutos.

Misusing The Car Horn

A surprising number of drivers get fined for inappropriate use of the car horn. Incurring an €80 penalty, using the horn should only be reserved for situations of extreme need to prevent unnecessary noise and maintain safety.

The Risk Of Eating While Driving

Eating behind the wheel, a seemingly harmless act, is actually a punishable offence. This common habit often done on long journeys to save time, can lead to distractions, posing a danger to road safety.

Throwing Objects Out Of The Window

An obvious one, but a surprisingly common offense is throwing any item from a vehicle, including cigarette butts, is illegal and environmentally harmful. Such actions also increase the risk of fires and attract substantial fines.

Driving Attire And Footwear

Driving without appropriate clothing, like being shirtless or barefoot, is not only unsafe but also subject to penalties. Proper dress and footwear enhance comfort and safety at the wheel.

Parking Regulations

In some localities, exceeding specified parking durations can lead to fines. Although not punishable by the DGT, municipal ordinances enforce these limits to manage public space availability effectively.

Refuelling Safety Violations

At petrol stations, it’s imperative to turn off the engine and not use a mobile phone. Neglecting these safety measures can result in a fine of up to €90.

Secure Your Pets While Driving

Allowing pets to roam freely inside the vehicle is not only a distraction but also a fineable offence. The DGT imposes fines ranging from €80 to €200 for such violations, escalating to €500 in more severe cases.

It is essential for drivers in Spain to familiarise themselves with all traffic regulations, not just the obvious ones. Staying informed and adhering to these lesser-known rules will not only save you from unexpected fines but also contribute to safer roads for everyone.

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