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Hedge Your Bets With Spanish Good Luck Tips

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AS Spain gets ready for the Christmas lottery, what are some of the superstitions that Spaniards hope will tip the scales of fortune in their favour?

As the festive season approaches, the yearly tradition of the Christmas Lottery on December 22 becomes a focal point of anticipation and hope for many around Spain.

This event, steeped in tradition, sees a flurry of activity as people across Spain engage in various practices and beliefs. With a blend of rituals, customs, and traditions, participants eagerly seek to attract luck for the big draw, writes El Español.

Pregnancy And Mushrooms

In Spain, one common belief is that pregnant women are carriers of good fortune. This has given rise to the practice of gently rubbing boletus mushrooms on a pregnant woman’s belly, a gesture more of tradition than superstition.

Sharing Is Caring

A widespread custom involves exchanging lottery tickets with close friends or family. This practice, rooted in camaraderie rather than superstition, embodies the idea that one person’s luck can be shared among many.

Numbers Game

Selecting specific numbers or ones that are statistically common in lottery history is a common approach. Many choose numbers based on historical winnings or personal significance, hoping these choices might hold the key to success.

Loyalty To A Number

Consistently betting on the same number is another prevalent habit. Although it might not be scientifically grounded, many adhere to this practice in the hope that persistence pays off.

Symbolic Gestures

Some believe in the power of symbols to attract luck. This includes placing a gold coin in a wallet a month before the draw or attaching a pin to a jacket, and keeping an old iron key in one’s bag are practices often recommended by psychics.

Psychic Recommendations

Psychics also suggest keeping certain objects close, such as a branch of parsley, a yellow candle, coins, a white or blue ribbon, and a flower pot, to draw the luck of the winning ticket.

A Fiery Ritual

A more superstitious act involves burning all previous lottery tickets with an orange candle. While doing so, one must mentally repeat, ‘may your ashes return to me as a prize’, three times, to imbue the ritual with effectiveness.

Seeking Lucky Vendors

Visiting lottery vendors known for previous wins is another tactic. The belief is that some vendors are more likely to distribute multiple prizes, making them sought-after locations.

The Galician Tradition

In Galicia, known for its heightened superstitions, which include witches, or Meigas as they are known in the Galician language. One Galician ritual involves hanging a lottery ticket from a horseshoe, a practice deeply embedded in local culture.

In these myriad ways, hopefuls across Spain engage in rituals and customs, each carrying a unique blend of tradition, superstition, and hope, all converging on the festive and hopeful atmosphere of the Christmas Lottery Draw.

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