Ryanair’s Playful Jibe At Overdressed Passengers

Passenger Tricks To Get Around Luggage Restrictions

Image of Ryanair aircraft. Credit: kamilpetran/Shutterstock.com

Have you ever wondered how far passengers will go to avoid extra fees? Ryanair’s recent social media activity highlights this very question, sparking a mix of laughter and criticism.

In 2018, the Irish airline began charging for luggage, prompting passengers to find creative ways to avoid fees. This included hiding items in coat linings and wearing multiple layers of clothing, writes Telecinco.

The airline’s official Twitter account recently shared a humorous image, likening their winter passengers to models wearing around 20 blankets as bizarre attire. Accompanying this post, Ryanair’s comment read: ‘Ryanair passengers in winter.’

Creative Solutions To Luggage Charges

The threat of a €70 fee for checked luggage by Ryanair has led travellers to resort to inventive methods to bypass the charges.

This has become particularly evident in airport queues, where it’s not uncommon to see passengers clad in several sweaters and coats. This tactic, aimed at reducing the need for additional luggage, has become a peculiar yet familiar sight at airports.

Social Media Reacts

Ryanair’s tweet received varied responses. While many found humour in the comparison, others expressed their displeasure. Responses ranged from: ‘If you didn’t charge 70 euros per suitcase.’

While another wrote: ‘Very sad that you laugh at your passengers, who are capable of having a bad time with their clothes on in order to travel at a fair price and not be scammed with your abusive prices for luggage. Carry-on luggage is a customer’s right.’

Others embraced the joke, admitted to doing the same with summer clothes: ‘From Ryanair, from wizzair, from Vueling…

‘those of us who buy cheaper tickets don’t mind being hot for 15 minutes while we arrive on the plane, if this way we save many times what the ticket cost us…on the plane We have already started to “undress”…’

This social media interaction underlines the ongoing debate about airline luggage policies, a topic that has even reached the European Parliament, where resolutions have been proposed to eliminate cabin carry-on charges.

Ongoing Debate On Airline Policies

The airline’s humorous tweet has ignited a broader conversation about the practicalities and ethics of airline luggage policies.

Ryanair’s playful jab at its passengers’ wardrobe strategies reflects a wider issue in the airline industry, where the balance between cost-efficiency and customer satisfaction remains a contentious topic.

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    • D. Bath

      08 December 2023 • 15:44

      For those of you who ‘up-dress’, while hoping you might influence the less affluent passengers into showing some class, don’t bother. It’s clearly not working – and is a hopeless cause.

    • Brian

      11 December 2023 • 12:48

      Well, can you blame them. Airlines used to have just 1 fee….which was the ticket incl 20kg of luggage. Now you even get charged for breathing. Outrageous

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