Rare Franco Pesetas Worth A Fortune

Old Coins Could Hold Hidden Value

A 1949 Five Peseta Coin. Credit: Quencho Q/Creative Commons Zero, Public Domain Dedication

Have you ever pondered the value of old coins sitting in your drawer? Anyone who has held onto pesetas featuring Francisco Franco might be sitting on a small fortune.

Introduced over 130 years ago, the Spanish peseta has featured a wide array of figures, from painters like Goya and conquerors such as Hernan Cortes to monarchs like Juan Carlos I, writes El Español.

Franco‘s likeness graced many coins for 36 years (1939-1975), some of which are now extremely valuable. On October 2011, a 1948 Franco coin, dubbed the ‘peseta Benlliure’, sold for a staggering €7,400 at an auction by Marti Hervera & Soler y Llach, as reported by Coin Collectors.

This coin, featuring a bust by sculptor Mariano Benlliure, is unique for Franco’s slightly thinner neck.

High-Value Coins: A Collector’s Dream

The most sought-after pieces are the 5 peseta coins from 1949, known colloquially as ‘duro’. They have fetched between €6,000 and €36,000 at auctions.

Five different versions were minted, but their value depends on the numbers stamped on the two stars on either side of the word ‘cinco’. Coins with ’51’ or ’52’ on these stars are the real gems, potentially worth up to €36,000.

This surge in value is linked to the Korean War’s impact on nickel prices, causing the manufacturing cost of these coins to exceed their face value.

Consequently, most were melted down, with only a few preserved by affluent collectors and high-ranking officials of the dictatorship. From the 1952 batch, only about 14 copies are known to exist.

Other Noteworthy Pesetas

Other pesetas also command attention among collectors. The 2.5 peseta coin from 1953, especially those with the number ’68’ on their star, can sell for as much as €2,000. Their value, however, hinges on their condition and circulation history.

While most Franco-era pesetas hold little more than face value, a select few have been transformed into prized possessions for collectors, turning them into unexpected treasures for their owners .

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