Germany prepares for Russian conflict

Is Putin planning war with NATO?

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A recent report has highlighted Germany’s concerns over the possibility of war between them and Vladimir Putin’s forces.

Amid Ukraine’s pursuit of a high-level peace summit, a leaked document from the German Ministry of Defence has raised alarm bells regarding potential Russian aggression.

The document suggests that Russian President Vladimir Putin may be contemplating a hybrid attack on NATO as early as the coming winter, according to a report by German media

The ‘path to conflict’

The confidential report outlines a comprehensive analysis of the possible ‘path to conflict’ between Russia and the Western defence alliance.

It meticulously details actions and developments month by month, with the Bundeswehr (German armed forces) anticipating the mobilisation of hundreds of thousands of NATO troops and the prospect of war erupting in the summer of 2025.

Russian manoeuvres and intentions

Russia appears to be gearing up for a significant military build-up. Plans include conscripting an additional 200,000 troops to initiate a new offensive against Ukraine in the spring.

This would then be followed by increasingly overt attacks on Western interests during the summer months, including cyber warfare.

Upcoming Russian military exercises

The document also reveals that Russia is preparing for the large-scale ‘Zapad 2024’ military exercise, set to commence in September, with plans to involve 50,000 soldiers in western Russia and Belarus.

Towards the end of the year, there is the ominous prospect of a Russian invasion in eastern Ukraine. Subsequently, NATO would respond by deploying approximately 300,000 troops to bolster the eastern flank of Ukraine on a designated ‘Day X’ in the summer of 2025.

Official response and international concern

The German Defence Ministry has refrained from commenting on the leaked information. A ministry spokesperson stated: ‘Basically, I can tell you that considering different scenarios – even if they are extremely unlikely – is part of everyday military business, especially in training.’

Just one week ago, warnings from Swedish security experts underscored growing international concerns about the potential for conflict with Russia.

Sweden’s Minister for Civil Protection, Carl-Oskar Bohlin, cautioned, ‘There could be a war in Sweden.’

He urged preparedness for the ‘worst case scenario,’ including the possibility of war with Russia, before it’s too late.

On Monday, January 16, British Defence Secretary Grant Shapps also reiterated the threat from Russia and that the UK faces an increasingly ‘dangerous world.’

As diplomatic efforts continue, the international community watches closely, hoping for a peaceful resolution to the escalating tensions between Russia and NATO.

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    • Brian Milner

      17 January 2024 • 12:33

      I believe Churchill once said ” Jaw, Jaw is better than War, War ” Has everyone in the West forgotten how to engage diplomacy or is it a mask for the forthcoming chaos due to the massive borrowings undertaken.

    • Robert Marshall

      17 January 2024 • 16:23

      They are all maniacs and would not ever go to war if they spent 30 seconds on the frontline

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