Primary school charges parents for being late to pick up

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A primary school in the UK has warned parents that turning up late to pick up their children will now result in a £6 fee. 

St Peter’s Church of England Primary School in Folkestone, Kent, has had enough of parents disregarding the education centre’s rules and turning up whenever they want, without apology or prior warning. 

The teachers have stated that parents turning up late means they are unable to get on with their work. In a newsletter sent to all guardians, the headteacher Toni Browne informed that under the new rules the students will be placed in an after school club and parents will be charged £6 for the service.

She stated: ‘We have an increasing number of children who are being collected late at the end of the day, without the office being informed or any apology to staff. Staff have work to complete once children have been dismissed and arriving late to collect your child prevents staff from being able to get on with their work. ‘From Term 2, children who are collected late from school on more than one occasion, will be put into the after school club and a fee of £6.00 will apply.’

However, she added that one off cases will of course be understood, writing: ‘We understand that occasionally lateness can’t be avoided and in these cases it is important you call the school office, so we know you are running late.’

Euro Weekly News spoke to Chantelle Elmes, a mother of one, currently living in Spain. She agreed with this new rule, explaining “my daughter would be upset if I was constantly late for her, and why should it be the school’s problem? I would have no issue if her headteacher sent this out”. Another mother with a different opinion is Rose Hague. Rose told EWN that, “how ridiculous! I have two children, a full time job, and a million other responsibilities. What does it harm a teacher to let my children play in the classroom for a few minutes if I’m a bit late every once in a while?”

What is your verdict, is it fair to charge parents who are continuously late? Or should the teachers of this school learn to be a little more flexible?

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Jennifer Popplewell

Jennifer is a proud northerner from Sheffield, England, who is currently living in Spain. She loves swimming in rivers, talking to the stars and eating luxurious chocolate.


    • willy

      24 January 2024 • 14:48

      Parents late ?
      0-10 mins. FREE
      11-30 mins, 20 Euros
      31-60 mins, 50 Euros
      61-120 mins, 100 euros
      121+ Call social Services and have the child taken away.


    • Concha

      24 January 2024 • 22:32

      The attitude of the second parent is obviously from one who has their priorities all wrong.
      Children, legally and morally, must be supervised, so how could any teacher get on with their tasks while “children play in the classroom”? As a teacher, I know just how vigilant one must be, especially with little kiddies, who have yet to learn just how dangerous the most innocent of acts can be, let alone how painful!
      If a person makes the decision to become a parent, then they must understand that they will never be the same person once their child arrives. Becoming, Mum or Dad changes your entire future, or at least it should! Your number one priority in life just became what you brought into the world.
      £6, is incredibly cheap for this service – try getting a childminder for that money! If you have “… … two children, a full time job, and a million other responsibilities… …”, then maybe you shouldn’t have had those kiddies in the first place. Those children are her responsibility and she should be grateful to the school for coming up with a solution to her problems, because I’m willing to bet a pound to a penny, if one of those precious children was injured while “playing in the classroom”, she’d be the first in line suing the teacher, school and LEA.

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