Bye Bye Burger King?

Down with the King? Credit: Shutterstock/502429909

One of fast food’s biggest names, who are famous for the slogan ‘have it your way’, may be facing their final days, as many of their establishments continue to close. 

In 2023 Burger King announced that as many as 400 locations around the US would shut their doors for good before the end of the year. 

The reason behind this seems to be in part due to individual franchise holders financial issues, however other problems, including legal requirements and licensing also hold the blame. 

Closer to home, in Almeria, Spain, the Council have ordered the immediate closing of a Burger King restaurant, due to the lack of a municipal building license and the absence of the necessary authorization to open the premises. Sources from the Council explained to a local media station that the establishment has an immediate sealing order and that the only thing left is for the Police, which has already been notified along with Burger King Spain, to execute it.

So, is this really the end for the king of all burgers? How will the public manage without their much loved Whopper? 

Euro Weekly News took to the streets of Spain to ask everyday people their opinion of this news. 

The first three people spoken to, who were all of Spanish nationality, declared that they would be extremely upset if all Burger Kings were to shut down during 2024. “No way, I eat there at least once a week!” Shouted one. However, when EWN asked Swedish couple Richard and Laura, they looked blankly and responded that: “the world would be a lot healthier if all fast food restaurants would finally disappear!” 

However, the majority that were spoken to revealed that although they would perhaps miss Burger King at first, “McDonalds is definitely better”. 

What is your verdict? Save the king of burgers at all cost, or happily move along to the better of the two, McDonalds? 

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Written by

Jennifer Popplewell

Jennifer is a proud northerner from Sheffield, England, who is currently living in Spain. She loves swimming in rivers, talking to the stars and eating luxurious chocolate.


    • M

      28 January 2024 • 09:57

      McDonald’s burgers are not flame cooked, but its down to personal taste, I am struggling to understand that such a large Company as Burger King would be ensnared in a lack of legal paper work forcing them to close, they have operated in Spain for many years so know the ropes with the necessary licences etc, so something else is driving this problem?

    • Dr. ian Kuah

      28 January 2024 • 13:08

      McDonald’s is not better. Their patties are thinner and lacking in taste by comparison. I look upon it as emergency food when I am travelling and in a hurry. No more no less.

      The flame grilled Burger King product is far more tasty and I go out of my way for it once in a while.

      That said there is far more choice in the US, and when I am there I go to Wendy’s, Carl’s Jr., or Jack In The Box before McDondald’s or Burger King.

    • Dr David the Night Tripper

      28 January 2024 • 13:27

      I’m with the Swedish couple on this.

    • Brian

      28 January 2024 • 13:46

      I, too, agree with the Swedish couple. I have not used ANY fast food store for many, many years (at least 40!) and would be happy to see them gone

      • Connor

        28 January 2024 • 16:17

        Why would it matter if they go or not if you don’t eat there. What an empty opinion.

    • Tage Sundin

      28 January 2024 • 14:24

      Burger King is an acceptable alternative, but as far as taste goes, and in my humble opinion, McDonald’s burgers taste better.

    • D Bath

      28 January 2024 • 14:26

      In the US I liked BK, almost as much as Micky D’s and Taco Bell. Here in Spain, they suck. Just MHO.

    • Tony

      29 January 2024 • 22:22

      Why would people eat this rubbish? If they only knew how the meat was collect they would soon change their minds. On TV long time ago they showed the inside skins being hosed down. The collected meat was then made into burgers. Disgusting.

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