How do Spaniards feel about EU Membership?

Spain's EU membership: A good thing?

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The European Union often generates criticism from various countries under its direction, but how do Spaniards on the whole feel about their country’s membership?

A recent DYM survey conducted for 20minutos reveals that a large majority of Spaniards perceive the country’s EU membership since 1986 as beneficial.

The survey, which reflects the opinions of Spanish citizens, was carried out to understand their views on Spain’s long-standing relationship with the European Union.

The survey, conducted recently, indicates that 77.7 per cent of Spaniards consider the nation’s EU membership advantageous.

This consensus is split into two groups: 45.5 per cent who view it as highly positive and 32.2 per cent who see it as somewhat positive. In stark contrast, a mere 9 per cent believe this membership is detrimental.

Shifting perspectives on EU benefits

Despite the overall positive outlook, there’s a noted increase in scepticism compared to 2022. The proportion of people deeming the EU membership ‘somewhat’ harmful rose from 3.9 per cent to 6.1 per cent over the past year.

However, these figures still represent a relatively low level of scepticism compared to other EU member states.

Political affiliations play a significant role in these perceptions. Supporters of both the PP (People’s Party) and PSOE (Spanish Socialist Workers’ Party) express greater affinity towards the EU.

The PP supporters’ approval rating stands at 83.8 per cent, while for PSOE, it’s even higher at 90.2 per cent.

Sumar’s followers align with the PP’s views. Conversely, Vox shows less enthusiasm, with only 58.7 per cent viewing EU membership positively and 24.1 per cent seeing it as harmful.

The perception of EU membership’s benefits isn’t static. Around 28.6 per cent of Spaniards feel it’s increasingly advantageous to be part of the Union.

A significant majority, 48.7 per cent, believe that the membership continues to be as beneficial as it was initially, despite changes in both the Union and the global context. Only 18 per cent of respondents viewed the evolution of benefits negatively.

This trend is particularly strong among PSOE and Sumar voters, with 40.9 per cent and 44.3 per cent respectively believing in increased benefits.

PP voters maintain that the benefits have consistently been advantageous, as indicated by 56.6 per cent. Vox’s supporters are divided, with an equal 40.6 per cent feeling it’s either as positive as before or less beneficial now.

Perceived benefits of EU membership

When asked about the best aspect of being in the EU, 26.4 per cent of Spaniards cite help and solidarity as the foremost benefit.

This is a decrease from 33.2 per cent in 2022 but still remains the primary advantage. Economic benefits and European funds follow closely.

Social progress, political advancements, and peace, especially relevant in the current geopolitical climate, rank lower on the list. The rising perception of European funds as a key benefit aligns with the upcoming approval of post-pandemic recovery aid.

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