Chinese new year: Enter the dragon

Advice for dragons

Chinese new year festival. Credit: Tuleyhcm/

Preparations are underway around the world as billions get ready to celebrate the Chinese New Year

Tomorrow, Saturday, February 10, the Chinese Year of the Dragon begins. This significant festival, celebrated globally, initiates a fortnight of jubilations, embracing traditions that symbolise prosperity and good fortune.

Are you a dragon?

As people across China and the globe will celebrate the new year by wearing red clothing and dressing their surroundings with crimson lanterns, the essence of renewal and celebration fills the air.

According to Janine Lowe, a renowned astrologist and Feng Shui expert, 2024 is poised to be a pivotal year brimming with potential for those born under the dragon’s sign.

Dragons are people born in the years 1952, 1964, 1976, 1988, 2000, and 2012, according to superstition they will find this year particularly fortuitous.

‘They may become a sage for their friends,’ Lowe reveals in the Independent, suggesting a notable increase in wisdom and affluence for dragons this year.

However, she cautions, ‘As long as they focus now on exactly what they want out of the year, there’s no point in dilly-dallying around it, they need to know what they want out of the year.’

Romance, while not a central theme, could blossom for dragons in September, hinting at unexpected connections.

The rooster and the pig

The Chinese believe that the dynamics between zodiac signs also play a crucial role. ‘Roosters are the secret friend of the dragon,’ Lowe advises, indicating that support from unexpected quarters could prove beneficial during the year’s tumultuous periods.

Pigs, in particular, are set to play a supportive role, shouldering responsibilities in both personal and professional spheres.

Harnessing the dragon’s might

The overarching theme for 2024 is transformation and innovation. Embracing change rather than fearing it can lead to life changing discoveries and creations.

Lowe encapsulates the spirit of the year: ‘The dragon has a lot of really positive stuff behind it, because it is the top Chinese animal.

She added, ‘you need to get out of your chair and go make what you need or what you want to happen. And there’s every opportunity for that to happen this year.’

The Year of the Dragon beckons with a call to action, urging individuals to seize control of their destinies. Which in fact, is pretty good advice for everyone.

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