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Mallorca's water awareness campaign

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A new campaign in Mallorca is aimed to raise awareness of its most precious natural resources: Water.

In a crucial move to counteract the low water levels in Mallorca’s reservoirs, currently at a concerning 42.97 per cent of their capacity, EMAYA has launched a significant awareness drive.

Addressing the island’s citizens, the campaign is encapsulated by the slogan ‘Let’s be realistic, the cup is half empty. Don’t spill the water,’ which aims to underscore the importance of water conservation in everyday life.

Citizens are urged to adopt simple yet effective habits.

• Better a quick shower before a bath, you will save a lot of water.
• Turn off the tap while you lather up, brush your teeth or shave.
• The toilet is not a wastebasket, do not throw intimate hygiene products or anything other than toilet paper into it.
• Monitor poorly closed taps, and quickly repair leaks and drips.
• Put the washing machine and the dishwasher on when they are full.
• Defrost food naturally at room temperature.
• When washing dishes by hand, fill the sink and turn off the tap.
• Use water judiciously for gardening and cleaning

These measures are not just about saving water, they’re about ensuring the island’s sustainability.

Llorenc Bauza, Mallorca’s deputy mayor for Environment, has highlighted the situation as manageable but precarious, dependent on unpredictable rainfall. ‘We cannot, nor should we, trust ourselves, since the levels depend on the rains,’ he remarked, reinforcing the campaign’s message.

The initiative, promoted through social media and included in EMAYA’s billing statements, seeks to engage the community in a collective effort to protect this vital resource.

With reservoirs like Gorg Blau and Cuber reflecting the stark reality of our water reserves, the campaign is a timely reminder of the value of every drop. As Mallorca faces the challenges of climate variability, the call to action for sensible water use has never been more urgent.

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