Spain tops Europe’s humidity charts

The most humid city in Europe is Spanish

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Have you ever wondered which European city battles the most with humidity? Spain stands out for many reasons, but its humidity levels in certain cities have now caught global attention.

In a recent study conducted by HouseFresh, Palma de Mallorca and Valencia emerged as Europe’s most humid cities, with 116.8 and 111.8 days of excessive humidity respectively.

The research, undertaken in 2023, scrutinised humidity data from Weather Spark across 14,657 major cities worldwide, focusing on the dew point to ascertain the number of days experiencing extreme humidity.

Spain’s humidity highlights

Despite European countries not typically being associated with high humidity, Spain’s inclusion in the list is notable.

Following closely behind Palma and Valencia is Naples, Italy, with 109.9 humid days annually, making up the top three. Interestingly, Spain and Italy dominate this list, with nine out of the top ten most humid cities located within their borders.

The impact on southern Europe

The research also delves into the effects of African weather phenomena on southern Europe’s humidity. ‘The hot air bubble over Southern Europe has turned Italy and its neighbouring countries into a gigantic pizza oven,’ stated climate scientist Hannah Cloke.

This situation underscores the varying climatic challenges faced across Europe, with certain regions grappling more with humidity than others.

Global humidity insights

According to data recorded throughout 2023, Singapore; Macapa, Brazil and Cartagena, Colombia are the three cities in the world where the highest humidity percentages are recorded throughout the year. Specifically, the inhabitants of these three locations experience 365 days of extreme humidity a year.

The report casts a wide net, highlighting humidity challenges worldwide. For instance, Honolulu is identified as the most humid city in the United States, experiencing 337.1 days of uncomfortable humidity annually.

The report also notes the most humid cities in the UK, Canada, and Australia, namely Portsmouth, Hamilton, and Cairns, respectively.

Asia, due to its geographical positioning, is particularly prone to high humidity levels, with the Philippines noted for reaching up to 97 per cent humidity in May of the previous year.

Coping with humidity

For tourists, high humidity can be a discomfort, for those visiting humid cities its a good idea to check the weather before travelling, opting for air-conditioned accommodations, wearing light clothing, and staying hydrated.

In extreme cases, it’s crucial to be aware of symptoms such as sweating, cramps, dizziness, rashes, nausea, or headaches.

This comprehensive study not only highlights the cities battling the most with humidity but also provides valuable insights for travellers looking to navigate these conditions.

With Spain leading the way in Europe, it’s clear that humidity is a significant factor to consider when planning travel to certain destinations.

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