Huge majority of readers love Spain

The majority of readers enjoy the Spanish lifestyle Credit: TimOve flickr

We recently asked readers to let us have their thoughts on how their lives have changed when relocating to Spain and whether their quality of life had improved.

The overwhelming response was that the decision had been the right one and with very few exceptions all were delighted by the result.

Although the majority of responses came from British passport holders, there was a good mix of Europeans who had taken the plunge as well as Americans and Australians all of whom weren’t intending to return to their country of birth.

Many of those responding have lived here for 20 years or more although there was a fair percentage who had moved over within the last seven years as well as second home owners who were disappointed with their position over the 90/180 day rule.

One fact emerged and that was that those who receive a state pension from their home country find that it goes so much further than if they had remained at home.

What do readers think?

These are just a small number of the comments we received but are perhaps the most interesting;

I’ve lived here 23 years, came over when I was 23 years old. I go back to the UK rarely now, and when I do, I always look forward to getting back home.

Christina Cerasoli

Definitely improved! The people and work is so much better absolutely love life in Spain (Mallorca!) would never go back to the U.K. . Friends here are like family and everyone looks out for each other. Same with my work colleagues they are amazing. I’m privileged to work for an amazing local firm and venture all around the island. Also the other big plus is the weather

Peter Williams

Best decision we made, been here nine years, had a lovely seafood restaurant for six years. Great friends and social life, two beautiful rescue dogs and content to stay in Spain. Actually haven’t been on a plane since 2021.

Alison Hyatt

I’ve been alone here for 21 years.. I’ve run an ice cream business single handed for 13 years.. and no longer working and I’m very happy.. the pace of life is amazing.. and climate.. I love  my life.

Davina Phillips

We arrived to Southern Spain 8.5 years ago from Seattle, Washington.

1) cost of living was reduced by 60 per cent

2) sunshine, lots of sunshine and vitamin D.

3) sense of community which is lacking in the USA in many areas.

4) peace- less stress more relaxing time.

Jill Rene Stone

I have been in Spain 17 years 14 in Ibiza and three years in Orihuela Costa, yes not all rosy. My husband became a double amputee 18 months ago, so yes things have changed, but we have still not been back for 13 years and no intention of doing so and the health care been amazing to say the least. Yes we would get more financial help in the UK, but sunshine is a medicine in itself.

Lorraine Taylor

We have been here for 21 years, I was almost in a wheelchair before moving to Spain, three months after moving here my aches and pains had gone, so life has improved 100 per cent, now just a few aches and pains but old age catches up with us all. I would never dream of going back.

Chris Mcgovern

Wishes he had moved over earlier

Wish I had moved to Spain earlier. Been here seven years . In UK at moment for a duty call and it is cold, sad , clogged up ,and so expensive to go out. England has changed too much for me.

Holman Blackburn

How is that even a question? Been here eight years now and retired, two of us live comfortably on one state pension with 7sevenrescue dogs, small three bedroom townhouse with patio and terrace now full of plants and flowers. House was bought outright for what would be 10 per cent deposit in the UK. Of course it’s better.

Ian Scottie Dunbar

My son and his wife Paula moved to Spain four years ago from Paignton in Devon. They have bought their own house in the country side in the village of Iznate, he has set up his own business in landscaping and maintenance work. Their lives have changed so much for the better, best move they ever made.

Alf Davies

My blood pressure has improved, that’s for sure. I used to get high blood pressure every time I had to pay £1,600 a year Council Tax, for a Band A, two bedroom flat in Lancashire. The biggest rip off, ever. My IBI for a large house here is £250 a year. The lounge in my house is bigger than my entire flat in Lancashire .

Stephen Proctor

Stress free life

Been here six years and wouldn’t go back to the UK. I have a healthier stress-free life now, good fresh food at affordable prices. The people are welcoming and the weather is great. It’s also lovely to be able to go out and about and feel safe especially at night.

Trish Carey

If you make the effort to integrate and not become part of the Brits gin ‘n’ tonic brigade then life is great, we are considered family by our Spanish friends. I am president of our town’s football team and very proud to be so.

Thomas Evans

I moved to Spain alone 23 years ago at the age of 57. I lived off the money made when I sold my maisonette. Received my pension at 60 years. Live a happy and full filling life. Have also taught myself Spanish. Have as many Spanish friends as English. I can live off my pension which I know I couldn’t in UK. Am on the lower rate because I was born in 1942. Love Spain

Pauline Melbow

Dealing with the mountain of bureaucracy and dogs barking constantly with resultant sleep deprivation has driven my previously low blood pressure to dangerous levels, so I now take very strong medication.

Never would have believed this could happen moving to our dream home and a life in the sun. It’s not all good, especially if your partner is unwilling to get involved in admin or deal with official business. He’s living the dream and says it’s the best thing we ever did. I have a very different perspective.

Susan Watts

We left Ireland 36 years ago, best thing we ever did we live in a lovely community Spanish neighbours so helpful & friendly. Healthcare is brilliant

Marie Cafolla

Less bureaucracy than Italy

Four countries later, I can say Spain has been the best choice of my life. The quality of life is definitely better and to those moaning about the paperwork I would advise to avoid moving to Italy.

Genni Gianfranceschi

Took me a while to get into the Spanish groove. But I’m certainly happier here than in London or Brisbane.

Gordon O’Keeffe

I’m Spanish and I’m happy you all seem to love it here. However I cannot fathom it. My life as a native is nothing like what you all comment.

Mari Fairley

Definitely better living here than the states! Better food, better health care, stress free living, good weather (though we had that in Florida too) and overall cost of living is better. Not even our ashes will return to the states! Been here five years now.

Valerie Lynch

It did, we lived there for 17 fantastic years , till he died in 2020 , I had to return to U.K. to be with my children , but life is nowhere near as  good.

June N Maurice Johnson

Lives transformed

Have been resident for over four years now. It has transformed our lives.

  1. The weather is better.
  2. The overall cost of living is cheaper.
  3. The cost of eating and drinking out and socializing is cheaper.
  4. People are so much more friendly and helpful here. Even with my poor Spanish language ability people will usually try to help me.
  5. We can walk out at night unmolested, and without fear.
  6. We are more relaxed here.

OK, some of the paperwork is a nightmare,(although we can get help).

I have no intention of returning to the UK. I loved the land of my birth, but it has changed for the worse over the years.

Andy Solomons

After 20 years in Spain I would say my quality of life has improved yes, climate, socializing, eating out, less traffic (we moved away from the Costa del Sol – best move ever), better diet. However running a business here, getting stuff done with the bureaucracy, IRPF & taxes, cost of cars, noise levels in public places and Andalucia is in many places very scruffy / dirty.

Yes overall I choose to live here and wouldn’t want to return back to the UK but you can never say no. But it is not all sun, sea and sangria and making an honest living here is tough.

Robert Caley

We enjoyed our 13 months early retirement in Manilva but were glad to return to the UK in the end.

Scotia Cop

Being retired life is good  but if you have to earn a living then it can be very difficult.

Lin Lipyeat

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      28 February 2024 • 14:30

      Whilst loving our lives out here in Mallorca, we lose a chunk of my state pension which is tax-free in UK but taxable here!

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