Sunak’s stand against extremism: Too little, too late?

Sunak's call for solidarity

Prime Minister, Sunak's address to the UK. Credit: RishiSunak/

In the wake of George Galloway’s surprising victory in the Rochdale byelection, Prime Minister Rishi Sunak urgently addressed the nation.

Last night on Friday, March 1 outside No 10, Sunak addressed a growing concern over the divisive tactics employed by extremist factions within the UK, which, according to him, are ‘trying to tear us apart’.

This declaration followed closely on the heels of Galloway’s byelection win, an event marked by its emphasis on anti-Israel sentiments amid the recent conflicts in Gaza.

A surge in discontent

The Prime Minister’s speech was not merely a response to a political upset but a reflection on the escalating tensions and violence following the events of October 7. Sunak pointed to the dramatic rise in ‘extremist disruption and criminality’, linking it directly to the aftermath of the Gaza invasion and the actions of Hamas.

Democracy targeted

Highlighting the broader implications of these developments, Sunak voiced his alarm over the attacks on democratic institutions, exemplified by Galloway’s election.

The victory in Rochdale, underpinned by a campaign focused largely on the Gaza situation, was criticised by Sunak as a manifestation of democracy being targeted by extremist ideologies. ‘Now our democracy itself is a target,’ he asserted, underlining the gravity of the situation.

Rallying for unity

In his impassioned plea, Sunak called upon every citizen to stand against the divisive forces at play. Reminding us of Britain’s proud heritage of liberalism, democracy, and tolerance, he stressed the importance of unity in the face of these challenges.

‘Britain is a patriotic, liberal, democratic society with a proud past and a bright future. We are a reasonable country and a decent people,’ Sunak emphasised, urging a collective response to extremism.

Political rivals and public react

The newly elected George Galloway reacted to the Prime Minister’s words in an interview with Sky News: ‘I got more votes than Labour and the Conservatives and the Liberal Democrats and the Reform Party, put together.’

When prompted about the Prime Minister, Galloway interjected: ‘We’re talking about little Rishi Sunak in the fag-end of his prime ministership. . .Don’t put to me statements made by Rishi Sunak as if I’m supposed to be impressed by them.’

In front of a laughing crowd of partisan supporters, Galloway added: ‘Do I respect the Prime Minister? I despise the Prime Minister! And guess what, millions and millions and millions of people in this country despise the prime minister. I don’t respect the prime minster at all.’

When asked about claims of intimidation, Galloway didn’t answer except to reiterate that he had won the Rochdale vote: ‘You just have to suck it up that I won the election.’

The director of the Palestine Solidarity Campaign, Ben Jamal posted his response to Sunak’s message on Twitter/X : ‘So Rishi Sunak wants to deal with “extremists.”

‘Maybe he should start with politicians, political commentators and religious leaders who support a state, on trial for genocide, in its mass slaughter, and deliberate creation of famine. Not those protesting against it.’

Another respondent reminded readers of recent events: ‘Sacks Braverman sacks Anderson then goes on TV saying the exact same thing he sacked them for… Embarrassing and a joke.’

However, many feel that Sunak’s message resonates with a clear call to action against the forces seeking to destabilise the nation’s democratic fabric.

Joan commented: ‘Well said Rishi. It’s frightening what’s happening to our country at the moment but no doubt the media will tear him apart I wonder sometime who’s side they are on it [is] certainly not Britain, they love to put Britain down.’

Finally, Gareth added: ‘There is a fifth column in this country and Parliament must unite against it.’

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Written by

John Ensor

Originally from Doncaster, Yorkshire, John now lives in Galicia, Northern Spain with his wife Nina. He is passionate about news, music, cycling and animals.


    • Donal

      03 March 2024 • 11:34

      Well done George Galloway. Sunack and Starmer are very afraid of this good human being.

      • Mark Faloone

        03 March 2024 • 12:58

        George Galloway is a vile anti Semite. The only “good” thing about him is oratorical skill which is undeniable,

    • Mark Faloone

      03 March 2024 • 12:20

      Galloway is a great speaker but a despicable human being. He is anti semitic to his rotten core. People like him and his supporters are fomenting division and hatred.

    • John Little

      03 March 2024 • 12:23

      Galloway is an excellent orator who enjoys sticking it up people in power, I am not sure just how much of a “good human being” he is. The real problem is slimy Sunak and his ilk. The sooner he disappears back to India with his non dom wife the better. I note in the piece above not one word about the far right. Sunak lumped them in with the islamists as part of the problem. Since the speech people have been queuing online to state if wanting my country back is far right then count me in.

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