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Many people are unaware of the unseen energy drainers in their homes that quietly increase electricity bills.

Even when not in active use, numerous household appliances are secretly contributing to your energy costs.

According to the Institute for Energy Diversification and Saving (IDAE), these ‘phantom’ loads can account for between seven and 11 per cent of a Spanish home’s electrical consumption.

By simply turning off devices completely when not in use, households could save up to €50 annually.

Top culprits of hidden energy consumption

Naturgy has identified several appliances as major contributors to ‘phantom expenses’. Televisions, for instance, can lead to a phantom consumption of 53kWh per year, costing about €8 to €9.

Similarly, TV decoders, laptops, cordless phones, and coffee makers are all responsible for unnecessary expenses ranging from €6 to €10 per year.

Cutting down on phantom spending

To reduce these stealthy costs, experts advise adopting a few straightforward habits. Repsol suggests unplugging appliances when they’re not needed. This simple step is highly effective for most devices, excluding essentials like refrigerators or routers.

Additionally, removing cell phone chargers from sockets when not in use can prevent wasteful energy use.

Taking advantage of appliance timers can also significantly lower electricity usage by scheduling shutdowns.

Furthermore, opting for laptops over desktop computers can decrease energy consumption, as desktops can represent up to eight per cent of a household’s energy use.

Smart choices for energy efficiency

Choosing appliances with favourable energy labels can inform about their standby consumption, aiding in making energy-efficient purchases.

Using power strips with switches can facilitate the complete disconnection of multiple devices simultaneously, ensuring no energy is wasted.

For an even more hands-off approach, consider standby mode eliminators. These power strips can automatically power down devices when not in use, offering convenience and efficiency.

Leaving home for extended periods presents an ideal opportunity to disconnect appliances, contributing to sustainable consumption and peace of mind.

By implementing these practices, not only can individuals enjoy reduced electricity bills, but they also support environmental sustainability.

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