Donald Tusk: Europe faces unprecedented threat

Is Europe on the brink?

Donald Tusk urges Europe to prepare. Credit: donaldtusk/

Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk has voiced grave concerns, claiming the European Union is unprepared for the looming spectre of war on the continent.

In a significant interview with European media outlets released on Friday, March 29, Polish PM, Donald Tusk claims that the fallout from a Russian victory over Ukraine could leave no nation safe as reported by OK Diario.

He described the current period as ‘the most critical moment since the Second World War’, with the upcoming two years being pivotal.

‘We are living in the most critical moment since the end of the Second World War. The next two years will decide everything. I don’t want to scare anyone, but war is no longer a thing of the past.

‘It’s real, in fact it started more than two years ago. The most disturbing thing currently is the fact that literally any scenario is possible,’ Tusk stated, underscoring the gravity of the situation.

Tusk and Pedro Sanchez

Tusk’s warnings are not new, yet they have taken on renewed urgency amid escalating hostilities. The Polish leader also revealed a controversial request from Spanish President Pedro Sanchez, urging him to refrain from using the term ‘war’ in communications to avoid public alarm.

Tusk countered, ‘At the last European Council I had an interesting discussion with the Spanish president, Pedro Sanchez.

‘He asked us to stop using the word war in the statements. He argued that people do not want to feel threatened in this way, which in Spain sounds abstract.

‘I responded that in my part of Europe war is no longer an abstraction and that our duty is not to discuss, but to act and prepare to defend ourselves,’ highlighting the differences in perception across Europe.

A new era approaches

The Polish Prime Minister didn’t mince words about the seriousness of the situation, emphasising the need for a collective mental shift towards readiness for conflict.

He added: ‘I understand that it will sound devastating, especially for the younger generation, but we have to mentally prepare ourselves for the arrival of a new era. The pre-war era. I’m not exaggerating.

‘Our main task must be to protect Ukraine from the Russian invasion and maintain Ukraine as an independent and integral State (…) today its situation (of Ukraine) is much more difficult than a year ago, but also much better than at the beginning of the war,’ indicating a bleak but hopeful outlook.

Tusk also pointed out Russia’s unfounded accusations against Ukraine for a jihadist attack, suggesting a pretext for intensifying assaults on civilian targets, including a notable hypersonic missile strike on Kyiv.

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    • John Bernard

      30 March 2024 • 19:56

      Sanchez was definitely the adult in that conversation. The confrontation in Ukraine was totally avoidable. Russia has effectively won and Putin has made it abundantly clear that Russia has no further territorial ambitions beyond a buffer zone against NATO missiles – why on earth would Russia seek to colonise huge swathes if Eastern Europe.? The EU is led by utterly foolish individuals like Tusk, Von Der Leyden and the buffoon who titles himself prime minister of France. Quite stupidlyly they have hitched their wagon to the United States which is going to be eclipsed economically by the BRICS countries in the near future as the global south moves away from the petro-dollar. The EU does not need to follow US foreign policy but can follow it’s own – we just need to get rid of the idiots currently in charge

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