Mike Senker – Where do I begin?

Well where do I start this week? I think it has to be airlines.

My daughter has decided to spend some time in Ibiza. She works remotely most of the time so it does not really matter where she is and we decided it would be nice for me to go and visit her. I get online, find a flight and start the booking process. It shouldn’t take long as there is only one airline that flies direct from Malaga to Ibiza. Well, it turned into a nightmare. I got the times and dates, clicked continue and that’s when the fun begins. I have to have assistance as I use a wheelchair. Next, seat allocation. They put disabled in the back three or four rows, which is ridiculous because they usually board from the front and it means I have to struggle to get to the back of the plane, but hey ho. I press continue – bags? Yup, just a small carry on, I press continue again. Insurance? No, I’ve got it already. I press continue – do I want to order food? Nope – press continue – car? Nope! Hotel?  NO! Cab to and from airport? NO, NO, NO! Valet parking for your car? NOOOOOOO. Are you sure you don’t want insurance? Yes, I’m sure. I press continue and the next message warns me that I only booked a small carry on and if they don’t think my bag is small enough they could charge me up to €70.

I finally get to the payment page, fill that in and choose to pay by credit card which covers all my insurances etc. when travelling. But it doesn’t like it because I didn’t put the digital signature in quick enough and the bank declines my €34 return flight and sends me all the way back to the beginning. This poxy process has now taken me longer than the actual flight!  I finally get it done only to realise that I have missed the L off the end of Michael and as I have checked in I can’t change it!

Had to go for diabetes check-up the other day and was attended by a very nice nurse that appeared to me to be about 12 years old (she wasn’t of course). In fact, I thought I should give her a lollipop and a badge for being so good and brave during my visit.

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Written by

Mike Senker

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