Nicole King – A bird’s eye view

I have a pigeon problem, or not.  The situation is that the pigeons have seemingly lost all fear of human beings and particularly love coming into my home.

Keeping the terrace door and windows closed could be an option, if I want to block out the sound of the ocean I so love and install air-conditioning, which I have so far been able to avoid.

I’ve thought of putting up a mosquito net to have the door open and still have a barrier, but that would detract from the view.

I need to do something.  This past Sunday I awoke from a lovely nap to find a pigeon strolling through my lounge and Boy cowering under the coffee table.  Who knows how long he’d been there and who had eaten the dog’s dinner.

A few days prior when I wasn’t even asleep but at the computer I heard a tapping noise in Boy’s bowl and realised we had guests. The pigeon had literally walked right past me to get to the kitchen.  A few days before that I found a pigeon flying around my bedroom and pooping all over my shoes whilst I’d been in the shower and another pecking at the window to come in.

At least I don’t have to worry about the Pigeons flying off with Boy but the seagulls and cormorants that also hang out in my area surely could, so him hanging out on the terrace when I’m out is also no longer possible.

To try and keep a positive attitude I’m focusing on how cool it is to have such diverse wildlife in Marbella and have such a good view of the birds.

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Written by

Nicole King

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