Hot Weather Warning for Pet Owners

Leave your pet at home in hot weather Credit: Pexels

As temperatures rise, it is crucial to remember the severe dangers of leaving pets in cars during hot weather. 

Even on a seemingly mild day, the temperature inside a vehicle can soar to life-threatening levels within minutes.  Studies show that temperatures can become dangerous for pets in ten minutes or less.

Heatstroke Can Cause Organ Failure and Death

Pets, especially dogs, are highly susceptible to heatstroke.  Unlike humans, dogs cannot sweat effectively and rely on panting to cool down, which is insufficient in sweltering conditions.  Symptoms of heatstroke include heavy panting, drooling, lethargy, vomiting and even collapse.  Without immediate intervention, heatstroke can cause organ failure and death.

Leave Pets at Home

Leaving windows open does not provide adequate ventilation or cooling.  The best way to ensure your pet’s safety is to leave them at home in a cool, shaded environment, with plenty of water.  If you must take your pet with you, ensure they are not left alone in the car, even for a few minutes.

Remember, taking preventative measures can save your pet’s life.  Always prioritise their well-being by avoiding unnecessary risks during hot weather.  Spread awareness about this critical issue and help protect animals from the dangers of overheated vehicles.

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