Readers’ views on electric vehicles

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The Spanish electric vehicle (EV) market is less advanced than some of its European neighbours.

We asked our readers their thoughts on purchasing one:

How reliable is an electric car?

Paulo Silva from Portugal, now living in Polop would never consider buying an electric car because of the cost and lack of convenience. He went on to explain, “I like to drive to Portugal to visit my family, and this typically takes 12 hours.  When one of my friends did the same thing in an electric car, it took them more than a day because of all the stopping… why would I do that?”

Paulo Silva
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Electric vehicle fire safety

Gabriela Marian, who moved to Spain from Romania, had this to say, “I would not buy an electric car because I would be worried about running out of charge if I went on a long journey.  I also do not think electric cars are better than what we have now because there is more risk of accidents, such as fires.  The world wants to evolve but I see that it is getting worse”

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Environmental benefits of electric vehicles

Raquel Mulet Hernandez, a Cuban living in Spain for more than a decade, was very vocal in her enthusiasm for owning an electric car.  She told us, “ I would spend less money on maintenance, they make less noise and are much easier to park because it is free, there are zero restrictions on entering big cities, and the cost of recharging is much cheaper than gasoline.”  She continued “Above all, the great environmental impact because they pollute zero, so you get to help the planet by driving one”.

Raquel Mulet Hernandez Credit: EWN

EV charging stations in Spain

Linda Bohn da Silva originally from Norway, responded with a definite ‘no’ as she does not see that they are any good for longer journeys.  She explained, “The biggest issue is the lack of electric points.  I would be very nervous that the car would stop and I would be stuck”

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Donna Williams


    • terry mealing

      25 May 2024 • 12:00

      I think it is so funny when people say they are more environmentally friendly than fossil cars
      They are much worse, they are so heavy they damage roads more, car parks are collapsing with the weight, they are catching fire very easily , they cost more than double than an equivalent fossil vehicle , the batteries do not last long and disposal is an enormous carbon footprint, thats without the charging time problem, and higher costs to charge at fuel stations
      Ok they are quiet and less polluting , but i will not exchange one problem for numerous others , i will wait until the technology has improved

    • Brian

      25 May 2024 • 14:03

      Considering the way materials to make the batteries are obtained using “slave labour” to extract from the ground, the extra weight of the vehicles causing damage to the roads and even to multistorey car parks, the extra dust from brakes also because of the extra weight then the extra costs for servicing the vehicle and replacing batteries when they fail. Add to that the impossibility of extinguishing EV fires, I’d say NO WAY!

    • Madmitch51

      27 May 2024 • 08:26

      To make one Tesla EV battery, takes around 90K KM to become Co 2 neutral,
      To manufacture it you need.••
      12 tonnes of rock for Lithium
      5 tons of Cobalt minerals
      3 tons of mineral for nickel
      12 tons of copper ore
      Move 250 tons of soil to obtain:
      12 kg of Lithium
      30 pounds of nickels
      22 kg of manganese
      15 pounds of Cobalt
      100 Kg of rams
      200 kg of aluminum, steel and plastic.
      The Caterpillar 994A used for earthmoving consumes 1000 liters of diesel in 12 hours.
      Finally you get a “zero emissions” car.
      Biggest money making scam in history.
      Many car dealers do not want second hand EV cars as very hard to sell, and values are dropping drastically.

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