Reader waits more than two years for EV refund

Mr Cavett’s electric Dacia Spring which has cost him nearly €8,000 more than expected Credit: John Cavett

There has been quite a lot of discussion in Euro Weekly News and our social media sites with regards to the introduction of electric vehicles.

Generally speaking the overall opinion of those readers who spoke to us was a definite thumbs down but the speculation prompted one of our readers John Cavett to share his story.

More in sorrow than in anger

He explained that “in the Summer of 2021 I had decided that my trusty 22 year old Hyundai had to go and after looking around, decided that a fully electric vehicle was the way to go. More research  lead me to the Dacia Spring, a new model which was eligible under MOVES.”

MOVES is a Spanish Government Scheme whereby if you buy an electric vehicle of an approved sort and scrap an old petrol/diesel vehicle at the same time, you are eligible for a contribution from the Government of up to €7,000 and at that time a 70 per cent contribution for the purchase and installation of a home charging point.

John visited his Local Renault/Dacia Agents in Torrevieja and having placed an order took delivery of the vehicle in December 2021.

The start of the two and a half year wait

“The Agents had taken copies of all of my documents that they needed and were ‘dealing’ with the MOVES claim for me but were unsure as to the time scale.  I had a home charging point installed by a legal Spanish electrician, paid the bill of nearly €1,000 and took a copy of the factura to the agents so they could add this to my claim.

“This is where the problems started. I was asked to provide a Tax Residency Certificate which I  obtained  and took a copy to the Agents. All goes quiet for a while. I did get my Spanish solicitor, a real abogado, to call the lady in Madrid who was actually processing  my claim and he seemed content with the conversation.

“The following year I was asked to bring the car to the agents so photos could be taken at the request/demand of the authorities together with a document for me to sign. Duly done. Quiet again. December 2023, yet another demand for photos and another form to sign. Shortly followed by demand for ‘proof of purchase’, (As if the agents would give me the vehicle if it wasn’t paid for) followed shortly for a request from the Agents for me to bring the matriculation document so they could copy it and forward to the authorities.

“This they had previously done but had not included a blank page of the document, quite sensibly in my view, The page in question is blank for new vehicle matriculation documents. As I understand it, these later items were from the Valencian Authorities to whom the claim had been sent.

Not a eurocent received

“Here I am just under two and a half years later and I still haven’t received a eurocent back!”

One wonders whether this is a one off problem or if bureaucracy strikes again.

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Written by

John Smith

Married to Ophelia in Gibraltar in 1978, John has spent much of his life travelling on security print and minting business and visited every continent except Antarctica. Having retired several years ago, the couple moved to their house in Estepona and John became a regular news writer for the EWN Media Group taking particular interest in Finance, Gibraltar and Costa del Sol Social Scene. Currently he is acting as Editorial Consultant for the paper helping to shape its future development. Share your story with us by emailing, by calling +34 951 38 61 61 or by messaging our Facebook page


    • David Moore

      25 May 2024 • 15:27

      Not electric cars but solar panels, we have been waiting about 2.5 yrs for our rebate and was told recently that it might be next year.

    • Sara Wager

      25 May 2024 • 21:39

      We are still waiting for our Solar panel grant almost 2.5 years after installation. I received notification in July of last year my payment had been approved…. Still waiting and the Gestor has no idea how much longer we will wait.

      • Tony Dean

        26 May 2024 • 14:38

        Same situation. Also waiting for EU rebate that has been paid to Valencian government. Perhaps it is time for a class action to sue the government. If the money has been paid to them why are they sitting on it? Perhaps hoping we will just give up and go away. Not going to happen. 1st step will be to email the EU and ask if any money has been paid.

    • Ordinary Joe

      26 May 2024 • 15:53

      And now for the Bad News!
      Reimbursement will come from the Regional Authority, not the EU.
      Accordingly, ¡Quién sabe!
      The Moves III Plan was originally to end on the 31 Dec 2023, until extended to 31 July this year.
      Logically this should mean that if you make a Successful Claim before the Deadline you will eventually benefit.

      ‘Successful Claims’ meaning all the letters dotted and crossed?
      And of course dispatching those Intentionally Blank Form Pages for a proper scrutiny as well?
      Bureaucratic processes would stumble to a complete Halt without ‘Intentionally Blank Pages’

      In other words, Well-intentioned Citizens attempts to prevent Global Warming may in turn be prevented by Bureaucracy !!

      Putin on the Left, Bureaucracy to the Right…..
      Just Pity the Poor Planet


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