Locals React to Anti-Tourism Protests in Palma

Protests are spreading across Spain's islands Credit: Facebook

An estimated 15,000 protestors marched against the negative impact of mass tourism with the message ‘Mallorca is not for sale!’ on May 25.  

A Time of Protest and Mourning

Many residents feel that tourism is responsible for soaring housing costs and over-crowding.

At the same time, the city was in mourning for the tourists and locals who lost their lives, or were injured, in a tragic building collapse in Playa de Palma.  Mallorca appears to be reaching a pivotal point.

Mallorca Residents Share Their Views With The Euro Weekly News:

Pauline Rousse studied business in Strasbourg and has founded the Blue Lioness Mallorca networking and empowerment group.  She feels that change depends on innovation at a national and local level –

“Mass tourism in Spain has significant environmental consequences, including pollution, depletion of natural resources, and degradation of landscapes. The influx of tourists leads to increased waste, higher water and energy consumption, and damage to natural habitats. Coastal areas and historic sites suffer from erosion and overcrowding, which threaten their long-term sustainability. To mitigate these impacts, Spain and The Balearics could shift its focus from mass tourism to alternative economic strategies, such as empowering international universities and enhancing university life. Additionally, Spain could adopt policies to attract international start-ups, like Portugal’s special tax system. This would create a thriving entrepreneurial ecosystem, driving innovation and providing a sustainable source of income. These measures can help reduce reliance on tourism while promoting intellectual, social, and economic development.”

Pauline Rousse
Credit: EWN

Jennifer Nicholson is an artist living in Palma.  She would like to see Mallorca become a place where everyone can thrive – “The mass influx of tourists is affecting all of us from late spring to early autumn with traffic congestion and higher prices being the most common complaints. Tourism is really a double-edged sword. There are so many small businesses which rely on tourism to survive. I personally feel like a balance can be struck between tourism and environment although, Spain has been marketed as a cheap holiday/party destination. It will take a huge initiative on the part of the government, tour companies and local communities to reimagine and market a new Spain to the travellers. Globally, the world is embracing better environmental practices and demanding better stewardship of our planet. With all the natural wonders and fascinating cultural features this country has to offer I think it’s highly likely that we can strike a balance between tourism and environment and still maintain a strong economy.  Everyone can thrive.”

Jennifer Nicolson
Credit: EWN

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      28 May 2024 • 15:31

      At this current time, Spain, and Mallorca in particular, have very little else to offer apart from tourism related activities. Start-ups would probably only benefit other nationals coming here to work because of their styles of education.

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