Mallorca Residents Fear Media Will Deter Foreigners

Palma de Mallorca, a vibrant, international city Credit:Николай Максимович

Daily stories about rising anti-tourist sentiments in Mallorca can be found in the international press. Many locals feel these articles are unfairly portraying the island as unwelcoming and dangerous.

In reality, residents are primarily frustrated with rising costs, limited housing, and overcrowding—issues they believe need addressing by local authorities.

Tourists Are Not to Blame

“Tourists are not to blame for the problems we have in Mallorca,” said Raul Martinez, of Palma – “We need tourism. Without it, our young people will leave the island because there will be mass unemployment.  Many Mallorcans understand this, but the negative press could frighten tourists away.”

Viktoria Meyer, who has lived on the island for 30 years, feels unsettled by current reports in the international press – “My children were born here. I am German, my husband is British. We run a business on the island and employ over fifty people.  I don’t feel unwelcome personally, but reading the news from Germany and Britain makes me uneasy.  If an anti-foreigner movement grows, we will leave.”

Paul Torres, who has a Spanish father and British mother said, “If the foreigners leave, the Mallorcans will be heading to the mainland for work.  Mallorca will become a ghost island.  Everyone is still welcome here!”

The Government Must Make Urgent Reforms

There is almost universal agreement that the government must urgently reform its approach to tourism and improve the quality of life for both residents and visitors.

The Mayor of Palma, Jaime Martínez, said today – “We have been studying a series of measures and changes for a year that are in line with finding a better balance between tourists and residents, and to respond to concerns regarding tourist congestion and the effects that this activity has on the resident. Palma and other tourist cities need to propose complex and innovative solutions.”

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    • Pedro Diaz

      31 May 2024 • 06:36

      You reap what you sow or so they say but in all honesty I genuinely hope the tourists go elsewhere, The island is not worth the hassle, it offers nothing better than thousands of beach resorts around the Med or world, same applies to the Spanish mainland, I have always found the Spanish to be two faced regarding tourists. They blame tourists regarding jobs and wages but the real culprit is the Spanish government allowing low wages to be paid but since Spain is known for government and rich people sleaze nothing will ever get done. Tourists brings billions of euros into the Spanish economy, the Spanish should be reminded not to bite the hand that feeds them.

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