Mike Senker – Don’t do it – it’s rude!

I use WhatsApp as my main messaging tool on my phone mainly because it’s free to use with other folks that have it.

One of the little things which most people have is the two blue ticks to say the message has been sent, received and read – unless you are one of those people that don’t want you to know when they were last online. Anyway, for absolutely no reason whatsoever, they have changed the tick to the right of the message to green. Why? What difference does it make to my messaging experience? It just pees me off to think that some techy department has sat down, had several meeting and votes and spent thousands of dollars no doubt, to come up with this startling bit of, – what’s the word I’m searching for? I know, bullcrap. I mean what was wrong with blue? And whilst on the subject of this app, the message about encryption isn’t strictly true is it? I think law enforcement can demand access to monitor it. To be honest that doesn’t concern me as much as the people that send me a message asking me something specific and me answering immediately, seeing it’s been delivered and read, and then they don’t answer for two hours. That’s the equivalent of talking to someone face to face, them getting up, walking away and coming back and wanting to carry on the conversation where we left off. Don’t do it –it’s rude!

Whilst on the subject of phone apps I also use X or Twitter or whatever it’s called now. I only follow 100 people maximum and like to keep up with their nonsense but sometimes, especially overnight, I don’t check it so in the morning I might have 15 or 16 hours of catching up to do, which is pretty simple, all you do is scroll up. But in the bottom left hand corner of the screen is a little house shaped button and if you accidentally touch it the app scrolls all the way to the most current post and I have now missed all the posts I wanted to see, which is very annoying. I have a very simple fix for that Mr Musk as I know you read my column every week – just make it that you have to tap it twice to make it go there. Easy fix and will keep this grumpy old man happy for at least another week.

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