EU Vote: Germans Want Peace

The hemicycle of the European Parliament in Brussels Credit: Treehill

As the European Parliament election approaches, recent surveys indicate that Germany is facing a significant voter challenge. 

According to the latest ARD – Deutschlandtrend survey, one in four Germans are expected to abstain from voting.  The survey, which polled 1515 eligible voters aged 16 and over between May 27 and 29, reveals a worrying trend of voter apathy.

The World’s Second Largest Democratic Vote

The European elections are to take place from June 6-9.  Despite extensive campaigning, interest among eligible German voters remains low.

Peace, Social Security and Immigration

The survey also highlights a shift in voter priorities.  While climate and environmental protection were top concerns in 2019, Germans now see peace, social security and immigration as the leading issues influencing their votes.   Additionally, German sentiment towards the European Union has soured; only 40% of respondents believe EU membership benefits Germany, compared to a more optimistic view five years ago.

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    • Herman Linder

      05 June 2024 • 08:43

      Well it is no wonder the voters are going against the EU. The EU Elite look after themselves, great salaries, pensions and allowances and introducing laws that were never discussed with the EU public. The EU parliament just rubber stamps these undemocratic laws because they know how rich they can become taking the bribes. The EU needs a very large overhaul, more democracy with the EU public. Net Zero, Covid, one scam after another, taking away our freedoms and they EU elite are trying hard to prevent the people voting for political parties that go against the EU gravy train. If you do not support the EU you are called extreme right wing, if you believe in your country, you are called extreme right wing, if you object to country swarming with people who don´t believe in your way of living, you are called extreme right wing. Well I pray that these right wing political parties win big and put a stop to the destruction of Europe. We do not need to import religious fanatics who hate us, hate our way of life so good luck to all right wing parties, take back the power for the people and screw the EU.

      • John R.

        07 June 2024 • 11:59

        Europe needs direct democracy [as in ever neutral Switzerland] not representative democracy & certainly not autocracy as praticed in Brussels [ I sympathise with Belgium to be landed with this out of control entity, a collection of lost economy & lost independence countries]. Maybe Germany realises about Brexit, tho’ it was sold as a pack of lies by the true rulers of the world, the Globalists.

    • Ordinary Joe

      05 June 2024 • 13:35

      Germans now see peace, social security and immigration as the leading issues?
      Which means Germans lack the unemotional Joined-Up Thinking of Previous Generations.

      Just how do you get to ‘Peace’ in this new Age of Post-Colonial Aggression, when you don’t have the BOMB underneath the Waves as your Final Calling Card?

      And Social Security?
      This depends upon a country having a ‘Balanced Population’.
      Having enough persons of Working Age.
      This Group must sustain the Young, the Future Generation of Workers.
      And the Old, the Past Generation of Workers, who had previously sustained them.

      Does Germany have this ‘Balanced Population’?

      No, because Germany [and most other countries] has failed to sustain its Birth Rate.
      And German Workers [and most other countries] see certain Jobs as beneath their Dignity!!

      The Result, those Immigrants complained of, but whose presence is required to sustain Living Standards.

      And finally, only 40% of respondents believe EU membership benefits Germany!
      What’s the Alternative, maybe a GerExit??
      How long would an Independent Germany last Alone in this Age of Aggression?

      Imagine, a Once Proud Economic Engine that nowadays is afraid of Chinese Imports of E-vehicles and Solar Panels, proposing that the EU introduce a 100% Tariff, so that its own factories and workers will remain competitive!!!

      Nah, that just couldn’t be True!
      Or could it?


    • John R.

      07 June 2024 • 12:19

      I thought Europe as the eu was a closed economy shop supposedly no FTA,s outside the eu.. Now Europe hardly makes anything internally [thankfully some eu states, no longer independent countries, can feed themselves] so now just about every non-food is made in China, even after producing covid, is the world’s pariah. Soon logistics will make China’s economy & exports too expensive for Europe. Pay back time ?

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